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Storage Services

SK Simple Solutions has a Solution. Let's get you out of the storage facility. Let's organize your treasures to put you back in control of what you should keep and that will fit in your home.

                               How Does Clutter Happens!

      It happens with the passage of time. Our family, parents, and children grow. They go to school, join clubs, sports, visit grandparents, awards and more. We collect our memories, photos, trophies, toys, clothes etc.  Soon the home and garage is cluttered and overflowing. The boxes are packed and put into a storage facility.

Storage Services

Storage Doors

Storage Service Policies

  • Proposal and cost valid for 30 days after contract date. 

  • Supplies, if needed, are an estimate and total price is based on client’s choice of supplies. 

  • If the project proceeds past the estimated number of sessions or hours, the client may choose to add another session, pay by the hour ($70.00), or conclude the project as is. (Minimum storage service fee is $450.)

  • SK Simple Solutions will assign 1 or more team members to the organizing project for the same contracted price.

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Storage Service Prices

Storage Services include the SK team, 6 hours of organizing, and friendly service.

(Minimum fee 2 months of your storage rental amount or $450, Whichever is greater.)

Ex: If 2 months rental = $400, then our fee would be $450.

Storage Service Fee: Pay us 2 months rent on your storage unit & we will inventory, sort, throw away, or donate  your possessions (1 car load of donations) leaving you with awesome treasures to keep!

(Additional car loads of donations = $25 per session.)

Minimum $450 fee

Storage rent contract submitted for service fee before organizing begins. If contract rent is greater than $450.00 the difference will be paid before service begins. (Contract is for 2 months of your rental agreement with the storage facility.)

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