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1,2,3 Lights Color Action

Information brought to you by Shannon McCarthy & Kim Bordelon of SK Simple Solutions, your Personal Organizers.

Whether you are a home office pro or just a beginner join the trend of crafting home offices to meet the demands of a new workforce, designing your space for peace and productivity is necessary.

Many factors are up for consideration floor-plans, furniture, ergonomics, color, lighting, sound, and ambience.

It’s Lights, Color, Action!

  • Color

  • Light

  • Sound

  • Ambience


Color plays a huge part in our mood and productivity. Pastels are gentle in spirit, browns or beige neutral, yellows are festive, and red exciting! Experts do caution on red; it has been observed that it can cause an increased heartbeat and/or anxiety. So, choose colors to increase your productivity not deter it. Color also generates different shades of light.

Get sample colors and paint squares on the wall. Paint a square in a corner, near a window, or near the furniture. Then visit the room at all hours of the day to view the atmosphere it creates. Take note of the amount of light and shadows generated by the paint color. In addition, certain types of paint and or colors will show more dust and dirt, smudges, or glare.

Consider painting an accent wall and refresh the others with white. White is fresh and signifies new beginnings.


Invest in cute desk lamps, a floor lamp, or a central light on the ceiling. Go vintage and find a lamp with hanging beads, frilly, or with macrame. While working light becomes important to complete all sorts of tasks. Place furniture to reduce shadows and glare. Move lamps to reduce shadows and glare.

Don’t forget about natural light. Work near a window or door. Gazing outside always brings a sense of calmness.


Further consideration goes to the concept of sound.


Some people can work with background noise, music, talking, etc. Others need fewer noise distractions. There are ways to reduce noise in your office. Indeed. There are sound reducing windows. They have an additional thin layer inside the double panned window that reduces sound waves entering the room.

Even paint has joined the noise reduction trend. It too is designed to reduce the impact of incoming sound waves hitting the walls.

Carpet or an area rug also reduces noise and sound. None of these are soundproof. It reduces sound but doesn’t prevent it entirely.

If you are a DJ or sound engineer you could design a home studio with walls, paint, and windows that do decrease sound significantly. These types of jobs rely on soundproofing to produce the best sound possible.


What is your ideal work mode experience? Place fun, soothing items in your work area that increase your productivity. The right workplace ambience directly correlates with your efficiency, time management, and productivity. This is your emotional quotient.

EQ is “the ability to understand others, communicate effectively, manage your emotions, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict.” A higher EQ equates with higher job performance, happier life, and an ability to have a good relationship with others.

Here are the three top favorite ambience makers.

  • Water. A water fountain.

  • Music. Pandora, Spotify, or the radio tuned to your favorite station.

  • Office Background Noise. Download or play “office background” noises.

  • Yes, it’s a thing!


Zooming with a co-worker when working from home, also interspersing phone calls with work duties will energize you throughout the day. In other words, we keep our emotions even when interacting with other humans.

Thanks for reading our analysis of this year’s workspace ambience contenders. Exceptional presentations by colors, light, sound, and an exceptional performance by Ambience.

I’m sure we will see these current trends on the red carpet sometime this year at the Emmys!


If you want a unique, space saving and sustainable way to maintain living spaces. SK Simple Solutions has specific services for any part of your home. As our client we can offer practical solutions to match your lifestyle and budget. Brought to you by Shannon McCarthy & Kim Bordelon.

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