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100 to 5 Unfinished Projects!

The following is an interview of Kim Bordelon the K of SK Simple Solutions. She talks about how to let go of crafty projects, DIY yard ideas, excess scrapbook supplies and more. Kim's realization that not every project needs an ending. And as we progress through life our passions can change!

How many projects did you have?

Too many that I want to admit to. As I looked back at “Re-claiming My Space” in a previous blog, I looked at what I no longer had a passion for. It could have been because of time (little to none) or it didn’t spark any passion.

I began to look at them for what they were, busy projects. I’m very visual and Ha Ha attracted to shiny pretty things. I had to change that mind set. So, before I could change that behavior, I needed to let some projects go.

And that meant donating, recycling, or throwing away craft supplies not needed anymore.

What type of projects were they?

Where did my projects come from? Well, we had our old fence replaced and it left a lot of wood. On Pinterest I’d seen amazing signs repurposed from old fencing.

I had cute little cookie tins and was certain that I’d make something cute with them.

Cow bells, yes cow bells. Just $.25. So, who wouldn’t like to make a craft with cow bells, mason jars, pine cones, corks, straws or more? You name it and I could envision a pretty craft.

Why did you feel compelled to do all these projects?

This question was an odd one to ask myself. My first response was, “well why not?” But the real answer I think was boredom or not finding real satisfaction with my life. Which may sound sad but also, it was my quiet place to make special things. Even if they were only special and magical to me. MY HAPPY PLACE...

What changed that you realized that you had too many projects?

After I reread my journal entries about “too many unfinished projects,” I realized that my life had changed direction. I wanted to reclaim my “crafting” space and use it for something I was passionate about. The clutter and endless unfinished projects were reorganized and prioritized. Just my space remained.

How did you decide which unfinished projects to let go?

I thought it would be hard, and I must admit it was a challenge. I still wanted all my pretty projects, but when I looked at them again the passion was gone. When I boxed them up and donated them, I had hoped that someone else would make them with the care and vision I once had.

How did that make you feel?

I felt sad and disappointed, like I failed them in some way.

How did you confine yourself to only 5 projects?

So in the end that was extremely hard. I found 5 that were still very dear to me.

I’d been spending more time in the garden. I saw this beautiful quote, “My Garden Feeds My Soul.” I knew that needed to be somewhere I could see. The quote spoke to how I felt in my garden. I used the leftover fence wood. I painted it and displayed it my garden.

2. The other salvaged wood led to benches. Sanded, painted, donated, and gone.

3. The last of the wood went to a potting bench. I am proud of that monstrous project.

4. My dresser, my art piece. It was sanded, brush painted and then decoupaged with a beautiful photo.

5. Last, my very special quilt. It was the most expensive project but the most memorable. It was a combination of my kids’ shirts, jerseys, baby blankets etc. Soon it will hang on my wall.

Were you able to stick to only 5?

Yes and No. I cheated a little bit, but I had to give myself a little room.

What advice do you have for others in a similar position?

Just look at your space. Try not to get overwhelmed. Choose several projects that you want to keep and will honestly complete. Set a number.

Then look at each project and ask, would you be ok with giving it away?

What would the cost be? Not just the money but the time. Then take one at a time wrap it up and put it in a box. Silly, but I labeled them,

“Cherished, not forgotten, loved, but time to move on.”

In closing even if you’re not an impulsive lover of crafts or you love books, fabric, cute erasers etc. the list goes on and on. “Keep what you enjoy and be proud of yourself for letting go of the rest.”

SK Simple Solutions would enjoy being a part of your repurposing projects. Contact us to help assist you with all your decluttering and repurposing projects.

SK Out!

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