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11 + 9.5 = Just Breathe!

11 Days + 9.5 Hours with a Personal Organizer =I Did It!

We’ve been traveling with Kim on her journey to take control of her craft supplies, various projects, and photos. She has made decisions about various craft ideas and passion. She has been able to prioritize projects that she will finish and the others that she will let go. Kim, like many others, carry guilt about “unfinished” spaces in their life. Below a result of purging and organizing supplies.

Organized Supplies by Themes

She let a personal organizer push her to reevaluate her priorities and move forward. In the last blog, What to Expect When Expecting a Personal Organizer, we discussed the benefits of hiring a personal organizer. We all get stuck. We all have friends that push us through. Currently Kim’s priority included her new business. Given the amount of time she spent, sorting, categorizing, donating, or throwing away her supplies and projects there was now a room of her own to claim.

Kim’s journal before Session 3.

Day 11, 6 days later When I walk into the space I now I feel that I have a clearer vision for how I want the room to function. And a new respect for the items I’ll give away, as well as the items I’ll bring back into my room.

I found myself imagining the room as an office or guest room, not just a dumping ground. I was briefly distracted by the thought of painting, No not yet...

I shredded two bags of old bank statements and receipts.

After an hour or so I was all done for the day.

My new motto:

If it’s borrowed it’s got to go

If it’s broken it’s got to go

If you have more than one, it’s got to go...

When I first thought about taking back my space and making it a functional room,

I was really looking forward to it. I really thought I’d have no problem with throwing out the tiny scrapes of paper, embellishments, and stuff that I’d collected. I was a certified craft jumper (buy all the supplies for a dozen different projects but not completing any of them).

Just take a look at it and only you can decide if it still brings joy or its just taking up space (after that I could see that so many things had become a burden.)

Displaying some of her collections also relieved her rooms of clutter. Kim felt she had accomplished so much on her journey and wanted everyone to see her collections.

We have seen Kim’s vision for her rooms change overtime. Her attitude and sense of control has improved. Now her goals involve moving forward with her business and focusing on projects that she wants to finish.

A review of the homework for Session 3.

Photo Room:

  1. Condense supplies

  2. Arrange supplies on furniture and not on the floor

  3. Place working supplies within arm’s reach

Kim had sorted and placed photo related supplies on 2 bookshelves, closet, and a worktable. “Now I can work on my photo albums and scrapbooks. It feels good to have the room under control.” Kim was very successful and proud of her layout of the photos room. She also stated that her goal for the photo room had been met in its layout and correct supplies.

Next, back to the office, as Kim was referring to it. Again, we sorted, condensed, and got off the floor the craft & DIY projects and supplies. By doing this purging Kim went from 2 bookshelves to 1 and just her craft closet. Everything was off the floor and had a space. The purging also included the closet, which was purged by donating, throwing out, and organizing the closet craft supplies. Her goal of creating space for her business was even closer!

The room was now manageable to be an office.

The personal organizer suggested some room modifications to make it functional as an office; put the beds back into bunk bed mode, use the dresser for the business, get a small desk and make the room yours!

In Kim’s own words,

“With a dear friend’s help and encouragement, I tried not to be so hard on myself and let go of what had become a burden, and enjoy what I had decided to keep.


11 days over a 3-week period, plus 3 sessions each 3 hours, I did it!”

Epilogue (Follow-up)

I checked back in with Kim and she had found a desk. She repurposed a lamp (that she already had) and had a plan to decoupage the dresser. She was able to concentrate on her business better because she didn’t feel anymore disappointment or anxiety about unfinished projects.

I included a picture of the dresser. I told you she was creative.

Everything she had kept had a place and a due date for completion. And she had made a list of projects to finish. She did that by prioritizing the projects with a message at the top of her list, “No new projects.”

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We would enjoy embarking on a decluttering journey with you. Visit our website services page and contacts us to begin your own organizing journey.

SK out! Have a great week! Be happy!

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