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12 Days to Organize in 2023

SK Simple Solutions Shannon & Kim
12 Days, 30 minutes each day, decide what to donate, get rid of, or keep!

SK Simple Solutions’ The 12 Days of Organizing by Donating, Getting Rid of, or Keeping our Treasures!

We are on a journey to change our clutter behavior to reduce what we buy, reuse what we have, and treasure & display our collectibles!

On the first day Organizing

My personal organizer said to me,

Just 30 minutes to declutter every day!

12 hundred corks, 11 missing flip flops, 10 funny erasers, 9 piles of papers, 8 jars of dried goods, 7 old sharpeners, 6 Halloween tags, 5 paper bags, 4 shelves of linens, 3 snake skins, 2 festive pillows, and just 30 minutes organizing every day!

DAY #4 We have 30 minutes. Goal: linens

  1. Make 3 piles; donations, throw away, KEEP

  2. Set the timer: 30 minutes

  3. Go

Let’s look at the middle 3 days, Day #4, Day #5, & Day #6 of organizing.

On the fourth day of Organizing

My organizer said to me

Donate gently used linens

Day #4 We have 30 minutes. 4 shelves of linens.

Take out the sheets, pillowcases, beach towels, bath towels, shower curtains, bed skirts, tablecloths, and any other thing you keep in the linen closet. Get a large donation bag ready.

How many beach towels do you need? Sheets, bath towels etc. Remove ones that are dated, worn out, tattered, or stained to the garage and in a donation bag. Do you prefer matching sets of linens? Then keep the sets and donate the miscellaneous linens.

Then sort by linen type and put back into the closet.

Use place-mats, decorative drying mats, or shelf paper to line the shelves.

Now, the linen closet. It’s time to evaluate sheets & towels. Remove only these items from closets and cabinets.

  • Sort by category; size, type, sets,

  • Store by season.

  • Use baskets, soft boxes, or clear tubs to organize linens.

  • Eliminate old, discolored, torn linens.

  • Place donations in a plastic bag and move it to the garage.


On the fifth day of Organizing

My organizer said to me donate 5 paper bags (crafts)

Day #5 We have 30 minutes. Goal: Crafting, hobbies, sewing, paper originals

Do you craft, repurpose, sew, quilt, woodwork, or paint? Let’s tidy up our craft supplies. Throw out dried up paint, glue, brushes.

Sharpen the pencils, sort paint/crayons/markers/yarn by color and size.

On the sixth day of Organizing

My organizer said to me

Donate 6 Halloween tags

Day #6 We have 30 minutes. Goal: cards, gift tags, tissue paper, wrapping paper

  • Set a specific goal: gift tags, greeting cards, tissue paper, gift bags, wrapping paper

  • Make 3 piles; donations, recycle, and KEEP

  • Set the timer: 30 minutes

  • GO!

Gift Tags Greeting Cards Holiday Cards

Look at the note-cards and greeting cards you have. If you aren’t’ sending many cards anymore then donate them to a senior center, school, or your local charity. If you enjoy sending letters and buying greeting cards then let’s organize!

Sort by theme; thank you, Christmas, sympathy, etc. Donate ones that aren’t your style or dated. Store the cards you will keep in a small photo box, extra small crate, or other sturdy container.

Tissue paper and wrapping paper. Roll it up neatly to store it. Use a vertical box or plastic bin dedicated to wrapping paper. Fold scraps and tissue paper put in a baggy. Sort by color and/or theme.

How did you do these next three days? 30 minutes to declutter is feasible.

Set a specific organizing goal. Focus on that specific item. Use the 30 minutes to sort and evaluate what to donate, throw away, and KEEP. Put it all into a plastic bag, take it to the garage for donations,

NOW! Celebrate!

Keep organizing, release your possessions and live a simple, decluttered life.


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