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3 Cultivating an Organized Experience.



In this last segment about the Cultivating Inclusion Farm we detailed how SK Simple Solutions became involved with the Farm.

Project Background | Why our garden is inclusive

SK Simple Solutions and the Cultivating Inclusion farm share the same goal to provide a safe and organized space for adults with special needs to learn about gardening. We applaud the board’s vision to provide a space that is peaceful, beautiful, and clutter-free for adults with special needs. The beauty of growing plants is that everyone can participate.

Farmer Kateri

“The intent of the program is to have the clients work the land by planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting the produce. They also get to eat the work they produced! I want a place where the kids learn about gardening, landscaping, and growing food. Get their hands dirty and have fun.” Said Mary Ann.

Mary Ann is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Farm.

Mary Ann wanted volunteers to return and not be discouraged by the disorganized pod.

Project Beneficiaries | Communal gardening for all

“The groups typically come for about an hour. They have their job coaches with them to help through the gardening experience. They do their weeding, planting, and watering. Then we go to the tables for a demonstration on either making salads, salsa, lemonade or whatever the farm has produced. I love to show them that what they have planted is where the food comes from.

It is so much fun to see them laughing, getting their hands dirty and then eating a healthy snack.”

Mary Ann hired SK Simple Solutions to declutter the pod!

“I knew the pod needed some TLC and organizing, but I didn’t know where or how to start. When I talked to Shannon and Kim their decluttering ideas for the pod were so great that I wanted to do it right away.”

Our proposal addressed the concerns of tool organization, increasing safe accessibility of garden tools, and an inventory of the pod.

“I knew there were things in the pod that shouldn’t be there or needed to be thrown away. I was happy that someone else wanted to do organize the pod! So, I hired them!” said Mary Ann

The POD before SK Simple Solutions

The Pod Challenge & Organizing Solution

The challenge was to provide storage for gardening tools, chemicals, games, craft supplies, seeds, sign in sheets etc. The goal would be to make pod items visible with an obvious home space so that all knew where to find the tool and where to put it back!

Isn’t that the goal of all organizing and decluttering!

Let’s review the Simple Solutions by SK

  1. Declutter the space

  2. Remove debris

  3. Donate items not suited for a farm

  4. Visible, structured storage space

  5. Existing shelves repurposed for maximum efficiency.

  6. Clear containers in various sizes,

  7. Tool caddy

  8. Labels

  9. Colored duct tape

Items and shelves would be labeled and color coded.

The colors would correspond to the safety of what was on the shelf.

For example,

RED Stop Chemicals, hammers, fertilizers, saws.

YELLOW Caution Trowels, container of cutting tools, potting soil

GREEN Go Tablecloths, snacks, BINGO, craft supplies etc.

The Impact

“Well, the girls did a great job! Everything is so clean and organized! I didn’t realize what all was in the pod. There are clear, labeled tubs that all look the same. The irrigation, garden tools, fertilizers were all sorted and arranged by use. It feels so good to enter the pod now!

Color coded shelves. Sign-in sheets. Finished pod.

There is a place on the pod wall for sign-in sheets, and other documents. And there is space left on the shelves! The clutter is gone. They saved us money by repurposing shelves and other containers.

Items from the pod that were thrown away.

Items recycled. Items donated. Additional garbage.

They also gave suggestions on how to beautify the planter boxes, instructional space, and organized the flow of the groups when they visit the farm.

If someone wants to donate to the Farm, what things will help the Farm?

Picnic benches, shade sails, green weeding buckets, veggies in small containers, small gardening tools, gift cards to Lowes, Home Depot etc. and time. We can always use green thumb volunteers! We didn't have to wait to long before volunteer Ed built a tool caddy for the garden tools! Thanks!"

What do you hope for the future of the Farm?

“I want it to truly be a community farm. A place for special needs people, home schoolers, the public anyone who enjoys the outdoors and good food.

Our last Farm event was March 17th. Then Covid19 hit. One day we look forward to hosting more events.”

"And a huge thanks to Shannon and Kim of SK Simple Solutions. Our pod looks great!"

SK Simple Solutions expressed to Mary Ann and the board that the Cultivating Inclusion farm is near and dear to us. We are proud to help provide a wonderful community garden an organized experience and wish it all the success. We look forward to a continued partnership.

If you would like more information about the Cultivating Inclusion Farm,

please contact Mary Ann Tams

(951) 296-7756

Cultivating Inclusion is a 501(c) non-profit organization.

Donation letters are available by request.


SK Out! Have a great week! Be Happy!

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