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3 Eco-Friendly Animal Products

In a previous Blog I discussed sustainable, durable materials to use and wear that are eco-friendly and earth saving for people. But, what about our pets? How can they walk their humans and save the planet at the same time?

During this time of pandemic pet owners found that this time with their animals helped them to remain calm, happy, and ready to face the world. Our pets need us too. They want to be with you and have all your attention. There has been more walks, playtime, and napping with our furry friends during Covid19.

Those of you who have pets during the Covid19/Rona event have spent a lot of time with them. The CEO of Zoetis, Kristin Peck, has seen her industry increase its presence during the pandemic. Zoetis is a “global animal (companion pets & livestock) health company specializing in animal medicines, vaccines and other products. “Many people enjoy spending all this time with their pets. They also spend a lot on their care because they are family to them.”

Ms. Peck has seen a rise in their Companion Pet Care products, and it is an ongoing trend of spending more on pet care. Zoetis has care for dermatitis/parasitic conditions and saw an uptick in their spending on these medical products as well.

(Kristen Peck, 2020)(www.zoetis.com) The trend is to spend more on care for our pets and to look for sustainable toys and products to help our pets be green.

What sustainable materials should we be on the lookout for? (Colley, 2004)

1. Leashes & collars can be made of:


Bamboo (very strong, and as we learned in the last eco-inspired blog,

can regrow to full size in 3-5 years!)

Recycled bike tubes

Organic Cotton

2. Poop Bags – look for recycled paper and compostable dog bags, usually

made from Corn (composting in 10-45 days)

3. Toys Organic cotton, hemp- very sustainable material, strong,

good for very persistent chewers

Wow! There are a lot of ways to be green with pets! I’ll admit that a lot of these items cost a bit more. Just like buying organic human food at the grocery store. If we look for sustainable materials and commit to a greener pet, our toys, beds, leashes, and pet food will last longer and eventually save some money. But it is these little things that we can do to help our planet and pets.

If your pet closet, shed, basket or area in the garage is cluttered, SK Simple Solutions is here to assist with your pet project!

Go to https://www.sksimplesolutions.com/contact and let’s get started! And pet owners would agree that making pets happy brings as much joy to them as their owners!


SK Out! Have a great week! Be Happy!

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