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3 Repurposed Household Items

What treasures do you have hidden away? It’s time to purge and repurpose. It’s spring and I am going through closets, the garage, and my shed. Time to let go of glass jars, empty decorative containers, mattress coils and more.

Repurpose and recycle evolve into one concept. Use what we have and turn it into more. Keep it out of the landfill. And eventually buy and consume less.

Candle holders & glasses turn into plant holders. Here's a suggestion put a terrra cota pot in the glass jar and fill with water. The plant will draw up the water it needs.

Enjoy the little things. A Garden is a friend you can visit anytime!

Kim's bougainvillea was completely out of control.

My partner, Kim (SK Simple Solutions) was volunteering for Habitat For Humanity. The rack is from a Bicycle Shop. The owners donated the store and its contents to Habitat For Humanity. No one knew what to do with these racks that tires, bikes, and bike seats hung from in the store. Kim, our resident repurposing queen, said, "Oh my gosh, I can use this somehow and somewhere!" So she did! Beautiful!

Above all, I must have flowers, always and always-Claude Monet

My bathroom for spring and summer is a sunflower theme. The lotions, hand soap, and spray were a gift. I really liked the holder and couldn’t part with it. So, it hung out in my closet, then on my dresser, and then to the garage to be hauled away to a donation center.

Then a friend who loves to garden gave me shamrock flowers for St. Patrick’s Day. And I knew exactly how to display them in my yard! One less item headed for the landfill and one more beautiful, repurposed item in my yard! Success!

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks you grow and may you avoid trouble where-ever you go.-Irish Blessing

So, come on, get your repurpose on! Go through the closets, garage, garden sheds, cupboards, kids’ room and more! Look for treasures and transform them into something new to use and appreciate! Share your repurposing stories with us.

SK Simple Solutions would enjoy being a part of your repurposing projects. Contact us to help assist you with all your decluttering and repurposing projects.

SK Out!

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