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4 Powerful Ways Women Empower Women Around the Globe

The following are interesting writings on women helping women from the World Economic Forum. Enjoy!

“Barefoot Approach,” which involves implementing simple, radical and futuristic ideas, approaches or methods to sustainable development where the rural poor can respect and own their projects – whether building their own water pump or solar panels.”

Meagan Fallone, college CEO/Director.

"Education empowers women because it teaches them the most important lesson of all - they are equal persons and have the right to live and thrive according to their own choice," said Dr. Urvashi Sahni, Founding President, Study Hall Educational Foundation, (SHEF), in India

NISAA Radio: Empowering women’s voices (Palestine)

“Radio NISAA empowers women by giving women a platform that entertains with music, informs with news, inspires with success stories and most importantly allows them to define their success, especially by helping one another, standing together and never giving up even when all odds stand in their way,” Maysoun Odeh

The Clothing Bank: Empowering women to run their own businesses

Tracey Chambers created The Clothing Bank in South Africa. Ms. Chambers acquires excess clothing/material from South Africa retail companies. The Bank sells (very low prices) it to women who have their own business.

"We focus on developing the whole woman giving her the knowledge to be a great businesswoman, the opportunity to practice her business skills every day and the nurturing space to grow her self-belief, heal past traumas and become a role model in her community.” Tracey Chambers

Horn of Africa Development Initiative (HODI):

Empowering women to drive the change.

Founded by Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan, the first woman from Marsabit to get a law degree.

Fatuma, through HODI, provides education for adolescent girls to learn about taboo topics such as, child marriage, female genital mutilation, and sexual abuse.

So many women doing some many things to help women take their rightful place in this world. What is your place in the world?

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