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5 Design Factors to Consider for a Home Office

Design it your way!

In the previous blog, Location, Location, Location, we looked at the pros & cons of various locations for the home office. Whether it is one designated room, closet, kitchen, entryway, converted shed, the guest room, or the ADU in the backyard it’s time to design it your way.

Let’s bring in the year’s biggest design winners.

For your consideration we have
  • Floorplans

  • Desk

  • Chairs

  • Storage

  • Accent Pieces

Chairs Desks Accent Pieces


When is the last time you had some good ergonomics? Performing the same work-related task(s) over and over can damage wrists, tendons, knees. Increase good physical health with sound shoes, floor, chairs, desk, and storage that decrease repetitive movements and workplace injuries. In other words, an ergonomic workspace fits the environment to the body not demanding the body to perform physical activities contrary to safe practices.

Ergonomics can include hardhats, gloves, ear plugs, wireless keyboards, desks, chairs, mouse gel pads, knee pads or any other item to decrease injuries.


Scan the room or your potential workspace area. Do you have a window available, closet, sliding doors, or built-in storage? Visualize the furniture in various locations. If you have someone on hand to help you rearrange furniture try repositioning them in varying spots. Or sketch the room with various furniture arrangements. Take into consideration the effects of light on your table or desk. Try to reduce shadows on your desk. This is your floor plan.


Cat Approved Chair

I like shopping for furniture. When searching for a chair I get to sit down! Where else can you shop and sit at the same time, in a store? Look for a chair with an adjustable lumbar capability, back recline, adjustable armrest or flip up armrest, weight, and cooling material or a mesh backrest.


Popular user’s choice in desks is trending toward standing desks. These adjustable, powerful desk options provide back support, movement, and options during the workday. Health experts have shown how a sedentary lifestyle of sitting can lead to various health problems. Now you can vary body position throughout the day.


Add an anti-fatigue mat that you can position when using the standing desk. These mats can tolerate liquids and food crumbs. Mats are anti-microbial and easy to clean. In addition, if you buy a mat with a textured top it increases traction and stability. When you sit at the desk slide the mat under your feet for a slight height incline.


What type of storage do you need for your hobby, craft, inventory, studio, or home office? There are baskets, crates, cubbies, wall sets that are stylish as well as functional. Hide storage with cubes with tops that double as a footrest. Invest in a rolling filing cabinet in red, pastel green, or a pale blue hue. Use an open backed cubby with alternating open or closed cloth baskets. Go crazy. Add that individualized touch! Or that impressive 4-foot dinosaur your family got on the last vacation! It’s a definite accent piece and a conversation starter.

So, there you have it! Our review of this year’s workspace options.

Outstanding performances by the chair, the desk, matching floor mat, and that crazy accent piece.

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