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5 Gifts for the Women & Moms in Your Life

SK Simple Solutions supports all women everywhere. Here are a few suggestions on how you can honor the women in your life.

Is your mom a star? Is she out of this world? Then give her the constellations that appeared on her birthday. Unique and unforgettable.

2. Kitchen Garden Complete Herb Kit

Amazon $19.99-$28.99

Indulge the gardener in your household. Give her the fresh herbs she deserves. Basil, Thyme, Cilantro, the list is endless. These sweet smelling plants bring a smile to everyone's face.

3. Mother's Day Completely Planned by Someone Else

$$$ Priceless $$$

Mothers plan, organize, distribute, prepare, anticipate and are ready for anything on a year round basis. Give her a day of fun, family, and freedom that she doesn't have to plan. You do it for her!

Breakfast in bed or the kitchen

No cleanup duty.

Visit to an open-air market, your city's "old town", gardens, with

no complaining.

Picnic lunch in the park, beach, backyard. Lunch not prepared by

by mom.

Favorite board games, charades, a laughing family event

No dinner duty, no dinner clean up, no laundry, no chores for mom.

Fun, Family, and Freedom

It's more than a thought, it's an action of love and devotion for

someone who gives love and time without question.

Show her fun, family, and freedom.

4. A Handy Dandy Tool Bag

5. An Organizing Session from SK Simple Solutions Personal Organizers

Buy a session of SK Simple Solutions organizing for the mom or woman in your life. Give her the freedom she deserves by letting SK Simple Solutions organize for her; Kitchen/Pantry, Closets & Clothes, Garage & Garden Tools, Home Office & Paper Clutter, Linens & Laundry, Hobbies & Crafts.

SK Simple Solutions Organizing Services


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