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5 Unique Designs to Use Closet Space Efficiently.

When Good Closets Go Bad

Do you have enough storage in your house? Storage. Lack of storage really. Without adequate storage we tend to cram things into dressers, closets, shelves etc. What changes can we make to closets to manage our clothes, purses, shoes, belts, etc. What have you tried to organize the closets in your house?

This is what I did with my closet. My closet is a mini room for me. I do my daily readings there. I know it’s strange, but no one bothers me when I’m in there. So, I decorated my closet just like I did any other room. It is fun and very rewarding to enter the closet and see a small room embellished with kids’ gifts, photos, or inspirational books.

Here we go! What CAN we do with our closets?

A dresser. What? A dresser in the closet. Wow! The first time I heard that I said, “What? That’s odd.”

I gave it a try. It fit. I painted it to match my bedroom.

If it’s a short dresser then shirts, scarves, sweaters can hang above. If it is a taller dresser the top can house jewelry boxes, makeup/lotion container (like a desk drawer sorter), an inspirational self-help book for daily readings, and to-do lists.

Group clothes by season, color, length, or all the above. If by length then below them could be a 3-drawer dresser, fire safe, or a filing cabinet. I have all 3! The fire safe is strong enough to have heavy objects on top. (My emergency disaster go bag.) I also move seasonal clothing in and out of the closet throughout the year.

Hangers: There are skinny, grey velvet-like hangers, multi-space saving hangers that take up less room than the plastic ones. But if you don’t want to spend money then use what hangers you have. Group hangers by the same color, then by clothing type.

In addition, there are hangers that hang multi clothing items—camisoles, pants etc. If you do buy new hangers, try to get hangers that sustainable and eco-friendly made. (Bamboo, corn, recycled plastic)

Made with recycled hangers!

Put shelves above low hanging rods and on top of the higher rods. Use the space for accessories, purses, jewelry, linens etc. The higher shelves could hold sweaters, sweats, or holiday attire. Put them in soft foldable cubes, cloth baskets, or clear stackable bins. Keep the color and storage type the same.

Hooks. Place hooks at the end of shelves and the back of the door. There are a variety of “over the door” options. Hang hats, purses, belts, bathrobe, and more. This keeps the ground clear and clean.

Have fun with the closet! Decorate it like any other room; hang pictures, add books, necklaces, small, adorable trinkets etc. I even hung thank you for volunteering gifts from the teachers at school.

Guess What! Our SK Simple Solutions organizing team loves to redesign and reorganize anything! CONTACT us now! Let’s organize! We can organize WITH you or FOR you!

The 5 Steps of a Personal Organizer: Consultation, Listen, Plan, Implement, Follow-up

  • · We offer a free 30-minute organizing consultation

  • · We listen without judgement to the strategies you have tried.

  • · Plan sessions to declutter & organize your space.

  • · Implement the plan using SK Simple Solutions.

  • · Follow up to answer questions and/or share their success!

Our process is hands-on, collaborative, and stress-reducing. We strive to increase your self-confidence to maintain your own simplified life. We can organize FOR you or WITH you.

Not sure if you need a personal organizer? Contact us, give us a try, and see why our other clients have so much confidence in us!


Contact us: We look forward to working with you.




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