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7 Ways we can be of service?

Here is a brief review of ALL our organizing services. We love our job! Happy November and grateful for my family, friends, clients, and more!

Why can’t turkeys play baseball games? They constantly hit fowl balls.

How can we be of service? Here are 7 services SK Simple Solutions can offer.

Organizing in general includes:

Doing one organizing space at a time. Focus. Focus. Focus.

Set a time limit

Put it away

Write things down

Create a weekly schedule for work, menus, decluttering, & entertainment.

1. Kitchen or Pantry


Dry, canned, boxed food.

Items on the counter, coordinate by color & style of appliances

Plates, pots, pans etc.

2. Closets, Clothes, & Shoes—What does that mean?

Under the bed

Hangers, ties, belts, scarves, pillows

Shoe storage options.




3. Teaching kids how to fold clothes, sort toys, books, or art supplies. Create not only a kid-friendly room but a space where whatever they play with has a place to go when they “clean their room!” Perhaps the biggest lesson we can teach our kids is to give our gently used toys to those without.

4, Laundry & Linen Closets

Pillows, sheets, holiday decorations

Sorting clothes

Hand soaps, masks, first aid supplies, detergent,

5. Home Office—Enjoying your office

Filing system

Future Bill Planning​

Tax documents

How long to hold documents​

Ways to stop paper clutter. . 6. Zone organizing the garage; walls, ceiling, attic, floors, a touch of design

7. Hobbies, Collectibles, Knick Knacks. Unique solutions to declutter your collections!

Organize & inventory your collections.

Display your collections using appropriate shelves, cases, wallpaper, hanging options & more!

Miscellaneous This could include hard to organize spaces, nooks, bookcases, formal dinnerware and serving items, books, junk drawers etc

Let’s help you find a place for everything.

Not sure if you need a personal organizer?

Contact us, give us a try, and see why our other clients have so much confidence in us!

I would love to eat less Thanksgiving leftovers, but I just can’t quit cold turkey.


SK Simple Solutions is a neutral party that can help you recognize your clutter noise and help to repurpose spaces. We realize what the full potential of a simplified life can bring.

Book us now! Book a session! (3 hours)



Do it now! Email us for a 30-minute free consultation by phone or in person: info@SKsimplesolutions.com

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