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After the Clutter, Where to Donate our Giveaways?

Welcome 2022!

We truly wish for a NEW Year!

Let’s make some 2022 New Year Resolutions.

  1. Learn where to Donate giveaways.

  2. Investigate how to Sell our giveaways.

  3. Recycle more efficiently & avoid the landfill.

  4. Buy less, use what we have better, recycle, donate, or sell our clutter away.

Tough to do, sure. But necessary in our ever changing world. Organizing our clutter is what we as individuals can do to combat global warming and use earth’s resources in a more friendly way.

Let’s Get Organized.

Somewhere in your home you have finished organizing the garage, pantry, linens, toys, your closet, or household books. Awesome job! You followed SK Simple Solutions’ 12 Days of Christmas Organizing and now You have bags of donations, trash, and recyclable items. Now what?

The first options to remove clutter from the home is to donate items to a charity or nonprofit organization. There are many local and national organizations that are worthy. Donate to a specific cause: breast cancer care store (Michelle’s Place), Vietnam Vets, SPCA, St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry. Most of these are even in your local cities and will help your community.

I donated our car to The Wounded Warrior Foundation. Locally I donate food to St. Vincent de Paul food pantry and Goodwill. I like to pick a few in town, it feels more personal.

Please don’t donate…

Just a word, charity organizations, thrift stores do not want

  • Torn, dirty, soiled clothes, linens, or baby items.

  • Chipped, broken, or glued together dishes.

  • Dirty appliances.

  • Furniture with hair, bugs, or ripped covers.

  • Scratched DVDs, video games and CDs.

  • Electronics older than 5 years.

  • Flat screen TVs only.

These charities don’t have the people power to repair electronics, dishes, or clothing. It also takes time to sort all items. So don’t donate dirty, fractured, or unworthy items. If it needs to be thrown away, then do so.

If it is a large item(s), not in donating quality shape, call your Waste Management. Usually, you have 2 free (per year) pickups of large bulky items that need to be thrown away.

Donation Sites

Your Local Library. Friends of the Library: (they don’t pick up) DVDs (No VHS), Puzzles, Books, Games

At this time they do not have pick-up service anywhere in the US.

Drop off clothing, home goods, vehicles, linens, Rugs, kitchen utensils, appliances

They will not take, particle board furniture, metal desks,

TV consoles, car seats, highchairs

Red Cross. Your gift assists those affected by a disaster.

Give blood or monetary donations, (tell Alexa, “Donate to the American Red Cross”)

In certain areas of the country, they are picking up items.

Donate clothing, home goods, vehicles, linens, Rugs, kitchen utensils, appliances

No oversized items: pianos, organs, large appliances, makeup, lotion,

or cleaning supplies.

Lake Elsinore Animal Shelter is near where I live. Clean dog beds, blankets, toys.

Unopened pet food. Find your local shelter to donate locally.

One of our most recent clients donated a carload of dog beds, blankets, and toys!

This organization takes in cars, vacant, commercial, residential,

multi- family property. They also take care of any tax considerations.

www.pickupplease.org A donation program to schedule a pickup and

Now, you have organized specific areas in your home, AND you have successfully donated your items for someone else to enjoy! Yes!
Organize On! SK Out!


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Do it now! Email us for a 30-minute free consultation by phone or in person: info@SKsimplesolutions.com

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SK Simple Solutions, Shannon & Kim, offer an extensive range of services. Learn more what SK can provide for you. Let us know if you have any questions or special requests. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients.

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