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After the Clutter, Where to Recycle?

Welcome 2022! We truly wish for a NEW Year!

Let’s make some 2022 New Year Resolutions.

The 12 Days of Christmas Organizing had us spend 30 minutes each day organizing a specific area in our homes. Now we have plastic bags full of things to donate, sell or recycle.

Let’s look at our options.

Learn Where to Donate Giveaways was the 1st blog and focused on donating stuff various organizations. The 2nd blog, After the Clutter, Where to Sell Our Giveaways?, centered on selling our giveaways.

Now we move on to how to recycle our giveaways.

  • Get Organized. SK Simple Solutions 12 Days of Organizing On going

  • Learn where to Donate giveaways. Done

  • Investigate how to Sell our giveaways. Done

  • Recycle more efficiently & avoid the landfill.

  • Buy less, use what we have better, recycle, donate, or sell our clutter away.

Recycling is interesting. Many times, there are different recycling programs depending upon which city you live in. Recycling is what I really enjoy doing. I don’t like to contribute to the landfill. I try to recycle every bit of packaging that I can. However, what is more important is buy items with less packaging and/or buy less in general.

What and where to recycle.

1. Start with your city. Find the place for E-waste, cords, stereos etc.

I paid $5 to recycle our dead stereo and $2 to recycle the microwave.


2. Check with your Waste Management. They might take things that

you never would think of recycling.

3. www.staples.com Staples recycles ink cartridges for “rewards” points.

They will also recycle responsibly your laptops, phones, calculators,

CD/DVD players, camcorders and much more!

No alkaline batteries, appliances, lamps, or bulbs, TVs & more

4. www.habitat.org Habitat for Humanity will take cabinets,

doors, hardware, doorknobs, tile ETC.

Call ahead to make sure they have room to take big items that day.

Their warehouse fills quickly.

5. www.how2recycle.com Amazon Blue & White mailers.

Go to www.how2recycle.com

It lists by zip code which stores I could drop the mailers.

Here is their mission statement:

How2Recycle is a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. It involves a coalition of forward-thinking brands who want their packaging to be recycled and are empowering consumers through smart packaging labels.

They have a variety of labels that clearly state what can be recycled and how not just the Amazon mailers. Check out their website. Great information and a worthy cause. Tell others about it!

6. www.How2recycle.info Lets you search for curb side pick ups

in your location using www.earth911.

7. www.Iwanttoberecycled.org, Keep America Beautiful searches your

location for recyclable materials.

It might take some effort to recycle more of what we buy but our obligation to take care of Earth is real and very relevant. Let’s do it! Recycle On! SK Out!

Now, you have organized specific areas in your home, AND you have successfully donated your items for someone else to enjoy AND took some of your giveaways and turned them into cash by selling online or a yard sale, AND we finished with our last pile of recyclable giveaways!

Organizing responsibly is a process. But to live a simpler life hard work and dedication pay off in many ways. Reduce what we buy, repurpose what we have and use it better, and recycle giveaways instead of donating to the landfill.

Organize On! SK Out!

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