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After the Clutter, Where to Sell Our Giveaways?

Welcome 2022! We truly wish for a NEW Year! Let’s make some 2022 New Year Resolutions.

The 12 Days of Christmas Organizing had us spend 30 minutes each day organizing a specific area in our homes. Now we have plastic bags full of things to donate, sell or recycle.

Let’s look at our options.

We learned Where to Donate Our Giveaways, the previous blog, and focused on donating stuff to various organizations.

Now we move on to how to Sell our giveaways.

  1. Get Organized. On going

  2. Learn where to Donate giveaways.

  3. Investigate how to Sell our giveaways.

  4. Recycle more efficiently & avoid the landfill.

  5. Buy less, use what we have better, recycle, donate, or sell our clutter away.

In my last Blog, After the Clutter, where to donate our Giveaways?, I provided some resources about donating our giveaways. This edition will focus on, “After the Clutter, Where to Sell our Giveaways?”

Our clients really get into sorting their giveaways and one of the piles is always, “I could sell this or I could have a garage sale!” These are options available with every organizing event.

Options: Yard Sales

Yard sales that bring in the most money have large ticket items such as furniture, bikes, modern TVs, Video game consuls, etc. These need to be visibly in great condition. Clothes, Knick knacks, puzzles, games, plates, utensils are popular items to sell but don’t always sell. Be sure to have prices on things but be willing to negotiate. People expect to find a bargain and enjoy getting one!

Yard sales take time.

Time to organize and display things, advertising costs, and 1-2 days of selling. Finally, when the sale is over be prepared to take the rest to your favorite donation site.

Do not let that leftover yard sale stuff back into the house or garage! Into the car immediately or set up a “pick-up” date with a donation company.

Sell your items: How!

Facebook Marketplace- no fees, sell almost anything

Facebook Buy and Sell groups –

From scrap-booking to Corvettes

there’s a group for everyone!

with buyers in your area.

Get the app. Create a profile. Take a pic of sale items, Price it. Post it.

Easy, true, but you need to monitor your app since buyers access it at

all times and want a timely reply.

Get the app. Create a profile. Take a pic of sale items, Price it. Post it.

  • www.PlatosCloset.com Popular with teens and college age kids looking for bargains on trendy fashion. Plato’s Closet will buy gently used clothes (clean, not torn, no stains) and accessories that are trendy & modern.

  • www.thredup.com What is interesting about this site is that ThredUP will send you a “Clean Out Kit.” Place your gently used, in awesome condition, clothing in the bag and send it to ThredUP. They sell it and send you the money.

Sell them your books. Enter 7 books’, minimum, ISBM numbers and Powell’s will pop back an amount for your books! They have a system to get the books to them and the money to you!

Now, you have organized specific areas in your home, AND you have successfully donated your items for someone else to enjoy! Then you took some of your giveaways and turned them into cash by selling on a platform or a yard sale! Well Done!


Organize On! SK Out!

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