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An Ode to Organizing

12 hundred corks, 11 missing flip flops, 10 funny erasers, 9 piles of papers, 8 jars of dried goods, 7 old sharpeners, 6 Halloween tags, 5 paper bags, 4 shelves of linens, 3 snake skins, 2 festive pillows, and just 30 minutes organizing every day!

Pack it away pack it away and there it goes

up in a tub and stowed with a thud

All the holidays are rolling along

Buy this, eat that, and wrap it so neat

How to declutter the home

For the family far and near

To declutter like this

Requires no miss

Dash away dash away and call the pro

SK’s solutions always on the go

Offering success in 3 hours or less

1 session or 2 will move the mess

To donate, throw away or keep asunder

Don’t wait don’t wait

It’s not too late

Take 12 days of organizing

in 30 minutes, you see,

Organizing, organizing,

how free I will be

When each room I see

is clutter free

To ring in the holidays

And make festive our ways

Requires just 30 minutes a day

SK Simple Solutions, Shannon & Kim, are ready to help you reorganize any area in your home! We love our job and would enjoy giving you some peace of mind as we organize your home. Contact us if you need a hands-on approach or just a clutter buddy!

We offer an extensive range of services. Learn more what SK can provide for you. Let us know if you have any questions or special requests. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients. SK Simple Solutions, your personal organizers.


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