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Are You a Piler? Or a Filer?

Your clutter is personal. You have it so own it! Let’s use your clutter style to help you declutter. Do piles of mail, bills, socks, screws and Tupperware clutter your counter? Or do you have a file for everything, yet still can't find the water bill?

Clutter happens, Clear the clutter happens again, And around and around you go etc. It can go on forever. Let’s break the cycle. Organizing means using new behaviors to keep clutter chaos at bay.

Decluttering isn’t about a perfect house. It's about creating a more peaceful space. Don't try to declutter and reorganize your entire house in one day. Organizing takes time and patience.

Start small with 30 minutes a day. Use a timer, play some music, whatever gets you in the mood to organize.

Organize with Intent-Shannon & Kim

Kitchen: Focus on what you use the kitchen drawers & pantry for. How can you make the space help you with preparing meals, storing food stuff, and accessing small appliances quickly? The rest of the kitchen space can be another project!

Visualize how the pantry should look. Draw it, find images of a pretty pantry.

Day 1 Kitchen pantry; dry food & boxes

Do you like labels? Yes, put them on. No, then use clear containers and organize by category.

Add design and displays to your pantry!

Day 2 Clear unused appliances, papers, containers from the counters. Design with a medium theme, wood or bamboo is always classy.

Bamboo is highly sustainable as well.

Day 3 Kitchen pantry; cans, kitchen appliances, drinks.

Change your storage system. Use collected jars and mason jars.

Take out items, sort by category, use an appropriate container.

Put things back in their place in the pantry.

The SK Simple Solutions Way! Shannon & Kim can help calm your clutter. Book us NOW!

  • · We offer a free 30-minute organizing consultation.

  • · We listen without judgement to the strategies you have tried.

  • · Plan sessions to declutter & organize your space.

  • · Implement the plan using SK Simple Solutions.

  • · Follow-Up to answer questions and/or share your success!

We respect our clients who want to de-clutter possessions, their homes, or documents. Our clients want unique, space-saving, and sustainable ideas to maintain their living spaces. We bring our joy of de-cluttering everywhere which is visible in our enthusiasm toward any project!

Keep organizing! Contact us when you need a more hands-on approach to organizing.


SK Out! Have a great week. Be happy.

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