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Betty Crocker

Who is Betty Crocker?

Everyone knows the name and the spoon logo, but how did she get to be the go-to expert on everything cooking? Since March is women's history month I decided to take a trip down memory lane. My mom had a Betty Crocker recipe book and she gave one to me. It's full of down to earth, basic, tasty, home cooked family recipes.

As I read into the history of Betty Crocker I was surprised at what I learned.

It all started in 1921 by a flour milling company called, Gold Medal Flour (later General Mills). It started as a contest to win a pin cushion in the shape of a flour sack. Contestants needed to put a puzzle together and then submit the puzzle to the Gold Medal flour company. Along with submissions the company received questions about flour and baking.

The result was that the Gold Medal company created "Betty Crocker" to answer all those questions. "Betty" was chosen because it was a "sweet" name and "Crocker" was the name of a Gold Medal retired director of the company well known in the milling business. Betty Crocker was a group of home economists.

And so it began a long history of cooking, recipes and Betty Crocker becoming a celebrity. Here are some of the things she inspired.

  • Cooking schools

  • 1924 Radio programs

  • ABC & NBC television cooking shows

  • 1945 WWII "Our Nation's Rations" how to cook with only the wartime

rations given to families during the war.

  • In the 50s a TV show personality

  • Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book published in 1950

  • The Betty Crocker Red Spoon, designed by Lippincott & Margulies, Inc., began appearing on packaging in 1954.

Amazing what a contest from a flour mill can produce! What's in your cookbook? What are your favorite family recipes? Share. Cook. Bake. Eat.

Next, favorite Betty Crocker Recipes.


The Story of Betty Crocker

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SK out! Have a great week! Be Happy!

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