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California Here I Come.*

California Cutting boards

I love the Golden state! I’m a born and raised native Californian. I received a California shaped cutting board as a gift, and it is so much fun! Also made from renewable bamboo plywood. (Renewable, repurposed, and recycling are also "my thing!"


When my daughter moved to Illinois I not only sent her a Californian cutting board, (because it will always be her home), I sent an Illinois shaped cutting board too.

This is a mini cutting board. Also made from sustainable bamboo.

www.50statesofbeauty.com --This website has some fun things too centered around our 50 states.

Native Plants.

I like California native plants that are drought resistant and pretty. California has been in a drought for over 400 years so we are finally catching on that we need to use less water. Either planting California native plants or gifting them to others is a great way to make a lasting impression.

Flowers: Poppy

I also plant California poppies. The poppy became California's official flower in 1903. April 6 is the poppy's official day of celebration.

California Fuchsia

The California fuschia (Zauschneria californica) is an evergreen perennial and comes in colors of orange and red flowers. Hummingbirds and butterflies favor these plants. A drought tolerant native plant that can brighten up anyone's garden. Think water conservation, bird paradise, and California beauty.

Chalk Liveforever Succulent

Succulents make wonderful gifts and propagate very easily. The Liveforever can live between 50 to 100 years. It is also considered a low maintenance plant. (Which I really appreciate1)

Drought Tolerant Native to the Americas

Shrubs Agave

There are over 250 varieties of Agave. They have rosettes with spiny leaves. The Aztecs used it as a gift to their gods. We know it today as tequila. (Another California favorite!) Very drought tolerant with minimal maintenance.

California Redbud Trees

Native to canyons and slopes. It comes as a tree or bush. Quite stunning blooms. Great shade and tolerant of the western part of the United States.

What do you like about California? What is your favorite souvenir? If you don't live in California, what are your state flowers, trees, animal etc.

How do you conserve water? How are you making our country/state a better place? Reduce, reuse, recycle and we will all have a home for a long time.

Have a great week! SK Out!

*(I do not receive any compensation for any of the items in this blog. I'm sharing what I like.)


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