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Camping, Hiking, & Backpacking with Your Hound

The Mutts Haves!

Exploring the great outdoors! Camping, hiking & backpacking! To be so close to nature can bring awe, peace, and serenity. So much fun to set up camp, make a campfire, and roast your meals. These outings are great with family and friends.

And when you add your pet to the trail, specific planning & packing will help the trip go smoothly.

  • Pet harness with a doggie backpack. Your dog can tote their own snacks,

water, and poop bags and look quite fetching!

  • Dog Car Seats for a secure car trip to the mountains.

  • Dog Beds or a blanket that have familiar smells.

  • There are also pet backpacks available for animals under twenty pounds. These are great for hiking, running errands, backpacking, or camping. (https://www.petsmart.com )

  • Leash/Collar Consider reflective and/or glow in the dark products

  • Food/Treats Airtight sealed bins

  • Familiar bed or blanket

  • Water-compact pet bowl that is collapsible

  • ID tag/micro-chipped. Include the pet’s name, your name, address,

  • and phone number.

  • Existing health card with immunizations and any prescriptions.

  • Usual veterinarian’s phone number.

  • Research and locate a pet emergency hospital/clinic where

  • you are camping or hiking.

In general, leave a trail plan with family and estimate points of arrivals and check-ins. If you fail to check in with a family member or friend they will know the vicinity of where you and your hound should be. Safety first. Then be sure to adhere to outdoor etiquette and considerations.

  • Pack it in and pack out your trash.

  • Stay on the trail—including your dog.

  • Leave no trace of your visit.

  • Enjoy wildlife from a very safe distance.

  • Leave rocks, sticks, dirt, leaves, these can be an animal’s home.

  • Carry compostable pet poop bags and deposit them in appropriate trash bins.

  • Keep your pet on a leash. Other campers do not know your animal and may be wary. And, you never know how your pet will respond to someone new, so it helps to keep them close to you.

Practice Safety A Pup Tent

This great big planet of ours is wonderful. let’s keep it that way. Enjoy the hike and your pet’s enthusiasm.


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