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Checks and Balances of the Family Budget.

Just as SK Simple Solutions has a system for Displaying, Inventorying, Packing and Storing decorations (DIPS), we have a system for monthly/yearly expenses, income, and a budget.

Now that you have a working budget you can plan. Monthly bills are one thing, but planning is another. Start by organizing the immediate future of reoccurring bills; Gas, utilities, rent, food etc. Next, add the debt that occurs on a yearly basis. Car & home insurance, property taxes, computer virus protection packages, Costco, AAA, and more! It is a lot to remember and manage.

There are tools available to help manage this important aspect of our lives; monthly filing systems, checkbook computer software programs and/or apps, and your friendly bank's Bill Pay.

Budgeting and Filing by Months of the Year

1. The most down to earth and physical filing system is an accordion file with months of the year dividers, January-December. Or get the divider tabs labeled by months and place in a hanging file. Each month has bills to be paid, items to be renewed, or birthday cards to be sent.

Take the new month obligations and put into the file where the monthly bills get attention. Then take that divider and place it behind the previous month to keep it rotating throughout the year.

If car insurance is due in January and July put the actual bill or copy of previous bill paid into that section.

Is Aunt Luna’s birthday in March? Have a birthday card in the March section already addressed and stamped. Take it out, write a sweet note and Mail!

When the Costco membership comes, place it in the appropriate monthly divider. And if you are digital with most of your obligations, place a Post It note on the month’s divider as a reminder of those “auto-renewals.”

Checkbook Software or App

2. Combine the file system with a “Checkbook” software program or app. that balances your savings and checking accounts. It also lets you set weekly, monthly, or yearly reminders for bills, loan payments, or other debt obligations. In addition this type of software program will also help build and maintain your budget.

This added to a physical filing system provides a way to keep up with your family budget!

3. Finally, use Bill Pay or its equivalent with your bank. It allows you to pay bills, credit cards, car insurance and many other bills directly from your checking or savings account. I particularly like to schedule my bills so I don't forget to pay anything. I like this better than "auto-pay" because I can determine the exact date and I round up so that these bills are all whole numbers.

These three systems are a nifty way to balance and check that your bills, finances, and budget stay on track. The physical filing system touches the papers once to file, shred, or recycle. The checkbook computer program/app provides quick income/spending charts and reports, and the Bill Pay system with the bank allows scheduling and paying debt obligations on time.

Every dollar has a place and there is a place in your budget for every dollar! In an ongoing discussion of paper management we will discuss the most important part of our budgets, emergency saving funds and retirement contributions. Stay tuned for upcoming SK Simple Solutions' blogs on all things money management.

SK Simple Solutions would enjoy being a part of your repurposing projects. Contact us to help assist you with all your decluttering and repurposing projects.

SK Out!

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