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Clutter Optimism. How does that work?

How do we remain optimistic about overstuffed garages, closets, clothes, toys, or bathrooms?

Clutter, a state of disorder brought on by an overwhelming collection of stuff in your home.

Optimism, a state of hopefulness and confidence about the future.

If you don't know where to start or how to begin that's when SK, Shannon & Kim, can gladly assist you. A Personal Organizer can help set realistic clutter goals and put you on a path toward regaining your peaceful home again. Kim & I can give you that gentle nudge to help decide what to keep, donate, or recycle.

Clutter Optimism Countdown.

This is the first step toward a clutter-free existence. You’ve decided to organize a certain area of your home. It is time to enlist the help of a Personal Organizer. Thus starts the clutter countdown to a more simplified life.

List goals.

The Personal Organizer surveys the clutter scene. People aren’t always sure what they want the space to look like or how it can function better for them. They know that something must change but need a fresh set of eyes to envision what the space can do for them. This is when goal setting is appropriate.

Understanding clutter consequences.

We understands how clutter creeps into your life. It is that feeling when you walk by an unfinished DIY project from a year ago. The resentment you feel when the office is piled high with papers, folders, books, and bills. The chaos to family life that disorganization can cause. The anxiety from knowing that you must get a hold of the clutter problem but don't know how. It isn't that clients don’t know there is a problem it’s not being able to take that first step to calm the clutter, that is the problem.

Time to prioritize.

After listening to the client we can organize their vision into goals. The decluttering goals need to be measurable, visual, and realistic. The successful steps toward a peaceful home isn’t possible to do in one session. For example, the garage would need 4 sessions (this is on average based on our experience as Personal Organizers.) Part of creating goals is to acknowledge that it takes time to change behavior patterns of consumerism and our unusual need to hold on to stuff.

Time to declutter.

Now the challenging work begins. The goals are in writing and now it’s time to schedule the organizing. Our sessions are three hours. Based on our experience as organizers, clients tire of making decisions and looking at their stuff in about 3 hours. It’s exciting at first and then the reality of the disorder becomes real, and anxiety can occur.

Many times, we ask the client to go to another room and we’ll take the stuff out for them. Then we call them back to make decisions about what needs to stay or go.

Finally, don’t forget to reward yourself! Look at what you have donated, recycled, or let go! As part of SK Simple Solutions organizing session we take a car full of donations away from your home!

All of our clients comment on their experiences with us;

"I didn't know I really needed you here." "You made it fun even though it was overwhelming." "You two work so well together, I know that you respect my things."

Evaluate your organizing session.

Did you achieve your goal? If not, further divide that goal into smaller bits and try it again the next session. We help you do that as well.

How did you reward yourself? We see your progress even when you don't.

Schedule the next organizing session. What have you learned about your relationship with stuff? What behavior(s) are you willing to modify to keep clutter at bay?


Clearing clutter is a process, takes time, yet is enormously satisfying. Organizing is reusing, recycling, repurposing, removing, and rewarding. Take time to reward yourself after every session. Look at what you have accomplished and be proud.


Organizing is a multi-step process.

Kim and I are your Personal Organizers, and we love our work.

Here is our process that you can expect when you employ our services.

We wait to hear from all of you and look forward to organizing the SK way!


What to expect with the SK's way to Organizing Success!

Consult & Listen: We listen and ask questions about the client’s vision of what their space will look after the reorganization process.

Plan: SK then uses the client vision to propose goals, solutions, and an estimated number of sessions to complete the project.

Implement: Location specific organization can be completed in one session or bundled sessions.

The SK team comes to the client’s home to begin the decluttering and reorganizing event. We can organize with you or complete your projects ourselves. Whatever the client decides we continue to listen to the organizing difficulties, success, and the meaning to all their clutter.

Follow-up: We contact the client to question what is working well with the new space and what isn’t working. The key to making the declutter process work is to manage our behavior toward that clutter. In addition, we praise their successful journey to reclaiming their living spaces.

SK Simple Solutions is here. Shannon & Kim can assist you in any reorganizing project you have. Contact us.




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