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Communication, Compromise, & Clutter

Clutter. We all have it. We don’t want it. How to reduce it, donate, repurpose it, or just throw it away is compounded when it is you and your partner. There are steps you both can take to improve couple, clutter, chaos.

Couples collect and organize things differently. Recognize in each other that you can be overwhelmed by your own clutter, feel stuck, and just don’t know where to begin. Feeling overwhelmed causes most people to shut down.

4 Positive Steps to Declutter

Common Spaces as a Couple.

  1. Be Patient.

  2. Claim Your Clutter

  3. Communicate

  4. Be a Couple

1. Be Patient

Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily. Johann von Schiller
  • Clutter doesn’t happen in a day. Decluttering is a process.

  • Start with 1 type of clutter, 1 room, 1 closet, or a “common” area.

  • Brainstorm ways to compromise in your decluttering journey.

  • Declutter a space together. Listen to each other and their stories.

2. Claim your Clutter

“Seeing everyone else’s clutter is easier than seeing our own.” Joshua Becker
  • Look at your clutter behavior before judging your partner’s clutter.

  • Your accumulation of shoes can look unnecessary to your partner.

  • Your accumulation of every size tool on the work bench can look silly to your partner.

  • Compromise your clutter; be willing to pare down, donate, or throw away “stuff.”

  • Because that is exactly what you want your partner to do.

3. Communicate

Quick to Listen. Slow to Speak James 1:9
  • Ask each other, why are we keeping it?

  • Have many conversations about the how and why of specific clutter.

  • Respect each other’s feelings about things they want to keep.

  • How can we display or store it better?

  • Keep it simple.

4. Be a Couple

All of me loves all of you Jon Legend
  • Turn it into a couple decluttering session.

  • Give each other a space(s) to display or store their items.

  • Don’t declutter for your partner (without permission and clear objectives)

  • Work and plan as a couple.

Planning, thinking, acting, compromising, and communicating as a couple rekindles the spark that being a couple brings.

Now you see “us or we” instead of “me.” It’s a start. The next time you and your partner want to clear more clutter you will be more apt to do so now that you have experienced success.

So, clutter be gone! Let’s Organize together!

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