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Contactless Delivery or Curbside Pickup? How do you LIKE your education

It is August 2020 and we all know what that means, shopping for school clothes, supplies, and backpacks. Our summer freedom is slowly disappearing, wait, this summer already seems like an eternity. I have been home with all kids since March! I have enjoyed the time with the family on this perpetual summer journey, however, the time for a structured routine is upon this family. What better routine than school? We all need to know where and what we should be doing, we need structure. What will the new school routine look like or sound like?

Can teachers provide a contactless delivery? A curbside pickup for education?

Well, as the experts attempt to solve the problems of the world here are 3 things that I can do to get back into the school routine; mask selections, prepare a homework routine, and organize the kid’s toys and shoes.

School masks and new social greetings

Our society and world are living through a pandemic. Many times, world problems are so complex that we feel there is nothing that the individual can contribute to help. This time, we can. All of us can wear a mask and social distance. The upcoming school year will require masks for a bit of time or the whole year. Let’s get creative with those masks!

Choose your favorite:

  • Sports team

  • Animal print

  • Colors

Consider making a mask—there are many mask hacks on the internet

  • Share your mask hack in the comment section.

  • Tie dye your mask

Next practice new and creative social greetings. In our culture shaking hands, smiling, or cheek kisses are an integral part of how we connect with others. It is an ingrained behavior in humans and a hard behavior to stop. We need to use different ways to connect. Perhaps your family can research how other cultures greet each other. Use virtual hugs, wave both hands in the air, jump up for a contactless air bump, air kisses, bring back the curtsy and bow.

What are the ways you can greet your friends? Share them in the comment section.

How to help your kids set up a homework routine

School means homework. Homework is Ugh! True on all accounts. Few are ready for the homework routine. Ease into it by going shopping for school supplies. Ask questions about what works for them to get their work done. Help create their homework space. She must own that space and plan the supplies she will need. Then practice the homework routine.

Here are 4 suggestions to establish a backpack and homework routine culture in your household.

1. Arrive home and put backpack in

  • · Your room

  • · On a hook by door

  • · On the chair where you do homework

2. Next, choose a healthy, labeled, snack from refridgerator or cupboard

3. Then, take a break for 30 minutes “free choice” time

4. Finally, settle into that homework chair and choose an assignment

Don’t worry I’m not going to say, “It’s Easy!” because it is not. Any routine needs lots of practice. That practice requires defining what that routine looks and sounds like. We are the parents and we have an important role to play with schoolwork. The routine will work when we have consistent expectations, follow through and positive responses.

We are all in this Corona-virus world together. It is a new beginning for all of us, but the parents set the scene and tone. This consistent routine and expectations will help ease students back to whatever school will look like this year. And with this easing in will come more confidence and less stress when facing this “new school normal!”

3 Areas to organize for the upcoming school year: shoes and toys.

The new school year brings the backpack, shoes, clothes, sport equipment and food into constant contact with our cars and floors. Keep it simple and consistent. Put the shoes, clothes, and toys in the same place every day. A place for everything and everything in its place!

Toys. Whether it is balls, Legos, pool toys or stuffed animals the toys seem to take on a life of their own and live in every room! Here to help navigate that chaos are some general toy rules.

  • Store board games on a hanging sweater holder

  • Use clear bins to store toys with parts

  • Label room locations for specific toys

Shoes, check kids’ shoes that they are supportive for physical activity and not worn down.

  • Deposit on a shoe rack in the garage.

  • Deposit in a basket or shoe rack inside the door

Education is incredibly important for everyone. Whether it is online or in a classroom we must make it a priority to commit to the education of our kids this year. Since we do not know if school will be online all year or part of the year it is still vital to start the school routine. It starts with organizing the toys, clothes, and backpacks. To help with our “new normal” maintain the “new school year” routine of shopping for school supplies, clothes, shoes, and backpack. It continues with creating a time and space for homework or classwork every day. Finally, it means keeping contact with family and friends in new and creative ways.

SK Out!!! Have a great week! Be happy!

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