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Couples & Clutter

Dana K. White, an organizing expert made an interesting comment about clutter. She says, “we need to change our mindset about our “stuff. The solution for clutter is not to get a new shelving unit, rent a storage unit, or even buy a bigger house. The solution is to let your house be your container.”

This struck me while researching the relationship between couples and clutter. Clutter creeps into all the spaces in our homes. This creeping can muddle our relationships with resentment and anxiety.

We all collect, store, display, and pile “our stuff” in and around our home. And each one of us does it differently.

Couples & Clutter

How does clutter hurt our relationship with our partner?

Resentment Why are his magazines all over the living room.

Why can’t she just put everything away.

Why keep that stuff from high school?

Anxiety Don’t move my things.

I want to keep it; it was my mother’s.

Couples & Clutter

When we confront our partner’s clutter a defensive mindset occurs.

When they say, “We have too much stuff. You need to get rid of all this stuff!” We hear,

Your house is a mess

Why do you buy all this stuff?

It’s easy, just throw it away!

Now our thoughts churn and build resentment. The mind freezes, emotional roadblocks go up, and we do nothing. This circle of confrontation, anxiety, the negative mindset, and emotional attachment to our things increases anxiety and resentment.

Couples & Clutter

How to stop the cycle of clutter with your partner.

Couples & Clutter
Cycle of Clutter

1. Change the mindset of “I” to “we.” You are first a couple. Plan together. Execute together and celebrate together.

2. Avoid confrontational words and body language.

3. Replace it with specific clutter considerations.

“Can we agree that the closet is overstuffed?”

4. Start Talking.

Couple communication can become stilted. Refresh it by conversing about where to vacation, a visit to the grand kids, building a planter box. Interacting and planning together is a great way to rebuild connections!

Then when the two of you are ready to tackle the next pile of clutter you will be more willing to do it together with respect, understanding, and compassion.

SK Simple Solutions agrees! But if you need help starting your decluttering project gives us a try! We ARE your personal organizers! Contact Us! So, clutter be gone!

Let’s Organize together!

SK Out! Have a great week! Be Happy!

Control Your Clutter!



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