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Dirt. It's Everywhere.

Dirt. It’s everywhere. We’ve all played in it. We can’t live without it and it makes our world beautiful.

How does your garden grow? Where do you store all the tools to make your garden gorgeous? Do you have a storage or containers that fit varied items in the garden? Let’s explore our options.

Before we can organize we need to go through the organizing process.

  • Take all items out of the garage or shed associated with yard work.

  • Create 3 piles: Donate /Recycle Throw Away Keep

  • Decide where to put the garden supplies; shed, potting table, garage

  • Recycle plastic, worn pots

  • Donate pots you haven’t used in a year

  • Keep pots that have good drainage

  • Keep decisions: how many tools do you need for your garden?

  • Repurpose broken rakes, shovels

Tools Large rakes, shovels, brooms, pick, hoses

Tools Small trowels, hand rake, gloves, buckets, watering cans

Tools Mechanical Lawn mower, weed Wacker,

Plant Supplies Seeds, seedling pots, label sticks, soil, fertilizer

Visualize the Space.

Shed, garage, potting bench or all three.

Look at your piles by category and design a plan. Decide where each set of gardening tools could reside to be the most efficient use of space.

Select containers, bins, pegboards, buckets, crates best suited for organizing garden supplies.

Potting Bench

This has the potential to be a workstation too. Hang potting tools on the bench. Place pots and soil on the bottom shelf. Paint or stain the bench. Wire baskets and wooden crates can add an outdoor style. Add heavy duty wheels to roll your workstation around the garden.

In addition on a smaller scale employ a wagon or rolling cart to get around your garden for planting, weeding, or pruning.

Garage Garden Storage

Similar to organizing the garage shelving can keep garden supplies off the ground. There is steel, wire, plastic, or wood shelving.

They are adjustable and sturdy. After assembling the shelves then you can select the type of containers to fit on the shelves. Look at the items needed to be stored and then choose containers to match the need.

Garden Sheds

Closed, clear bins. Open wide mesh wooden or metal crates, large plastic baskets can all help store garden necessities.

Heavy items, such as mowers, weed wackers, edgers, do best in a set location. If possible hang them on a pegboard or on a strip of wood or metal with large hooks.

Crates labeled and color coded, stacking, handles to carry garden supplies.

Pegboards. No garden is complete without pegboards. There are large, small, wood, plastic, metal and colored pegboards. Design a pegboard for the garden. It can hang in the garage, on a potting bench, or in a shed.

Organizing your garden takes time and patience. It is a process. Enjoy the process and make your garden space functional and beautiful.

Not sure if you need a personal organizer?

Contact us, give us a try, and see why our other clients have so much confidence in us!

The SK Simple Solutions Way!

  1. We listen without judgement to the strategies you have tried.

  2. Plan sessions to declutter & organize your space.

  3. Implement the plan using SK Simple Solutions.

  4. Follow up to answer questions and/or share their success!


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