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DIY Masks and New Social Greetings

Wow! School is going full force now. How does your school routine look? Is it working or do you need an adjustment? Yes, there is a lot going on, but we are determined to see this educational year through to June.

In the meantime, we need to move forward and be prepared for when we walk into the actual physical school building. Our world is now full of colorful masks and new social greetings. Have you made your own masks? Any interesting mask hacks you would like to share? Our favorite is Tie Dying our masks (see hack or PIN)

Many schools distributed schoolbooks, laptops and reading books to the kids for their new school year, that began at home. I mention the DIY masks because my two Kinder teacher friends said that it was fun to see their students in the school loop. However, the masks made it difficult to read faces. That got me pondering something, when the parents arrived for their curbside education pickup, do you think they tipped the teacher like I do for Grub Hub or Dominos?” Just a thought.

Of course, Kindergarten teachers are unique. Their brand of adjusted social greetings with their drive by students were very diverse; waving both hands and jumping, dancing, air fist bumps, it was similar to that song, You Put your right foot in and you shake it all about! Fun times! You must hand it to those teachers; they want their students in front of them, so these delightful greetings are sure to make their students feel the love!

SK out. Have a Great Week! Be happy!

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