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Flying the Friendly Skies with Pets

Your Pet-cation Checklist

Traveling with pets. It’s paws-sible. You just need to plan.

Keep your pet’s needs in mind while planning your vacation. Just as we take care when packing our human children, it is just as important to pet pack with intent. Let’s take a walk on the bark side of traveling with pets in the wide, open sky.

Our Cats off to you for including your pet in your travel plans. An airplane flight might be exciting for your kids, but it can be incredibly stressful for animals. Do your research. Airlines have different policies and procedures for pets in the cabin, under the seat, or in a pet “holding” area. Many airlines have in-flight quotas for animals in the cabin (usually 2-3 pets per flight.) Call your airline to inquire about TSA regulations concerning pets and any other pet policies.

The Flying Necessities (https: www.akc.org)

  • Carrier

    1. Train your pet to go in and out of the carrier.

    2. Traveling is stressful for animals and having the carrier be a safe space will lower your pet’s anxieties.

    3. The carrier should allow your pet to be able to turn around.

    4. Include a waterproof pet pad, durable chewing item, and a familiar toy.

    • Leash/Collar Consider reflective and/or glow in the dark products

  • Food/Treats Airtight sealed containers

  • Familiar bed or blanket

  • Water-portable pet bowl that is collapsible

  • ID tag/microchipped Include the pet’s name, your name, address,

  • and phone number.

  • Current health card with vaccinations and any medications.

  • Regular veterinarian’s phone number.

  • Research and locate a pet emergency hospital/clinic where you are traveling.

Check airline websites for pet policies, pet ticket prices, and animal transportion regulations. Some airlines that allow pets in the cabin. The following is not a complete list. Please do your research on your preferred airline. (https://www.petsthattravel.com/airlines-that-allow-dogs-in-cabin/)

Dog friendly airlines

  • Air Canada

  • Alaska Air

  • Southwest

Also, there are airlines that do NOT allow animals on their flights. Average pet ticket prices range from $70-$175 for small pets that fit under the seat to larger pets costing $225 to $1,000. If the pet can’t fit under the seat then it is put into a “hold” that is ventilated and heated (not the luggage hold.) (https://www.thepricer.org/pet-air-travel-cost/

Pets are apart of our homes and families. Take them with you on your vacation and have a great time!


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