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Handmade Gifts, It's That Time of the Year Again!

SK Simple Solutions can not only organize your holiday decor but we can offer a new collection of handmade greeting cards and gift tags!

We are SK, Shannon & Kim, and we love creating Container solutions for a simpler life. Let’s reuse your bins and baskets into a stylish display that also organizes our stuff.

Let's Organize! We offer an extensive range of services. Learn more what SK can provide for you. Let us know if you have any questions or special requests. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients.

The PaprHeARTs Shop's Creative Director, Kim Bordelon, and her assistant Shannon McCarthy, provide unique goods for holidays, any event, weddings, and pet adoptions.

This is our shop on ETSY.com

And the shop motto is, "find us easy, just drop the e!"

PaprHeARTs Pap×rHeARTs Pap/rHeARTs

This month we feature holiday cards by PaprHeARTs Creative Director. Kim Bordelon

Christmas Cards

PaprHeARTs: A quirky, one-of-a-kind paper originals' Etsy shop.

The quirky paper cards came from a passion of crafting. The owner, Kim Bordelon, has handmade many things from paper, straws, cork, wood, pallets, and buttons. Many of you are crafters and can understand the passions that comes with crafting.

SK Simple Solutions, two shops, one company!

Greeting Cards, Note cards, Gift Tags, Party Favors that go with all life events, this Etsy shop, PaprHeARTs, makes all products by hand and are originals.

Most of the cards and gift tags come in one set only and are not produced again. That is why we advise our fans to visit the shop frequently to stay on top of newly released items and current discounts! All Halloween and fall cards are available for purchase and are 50% off!

Greeting Cards and gift tags are not a dying art. The Christmas season is expressed by all of us in traditional holiday cards that we send to family and friends. So join the fun this year and purchase 1 card or a whole set!

This is our shop on ETSY

Don't forget, "find us easy, just drop the e!"
PaprHeARTs Pap×rHeARTs Pap/rHeARTs

Do you craft? Scrapbook? Make gifts with corks, beads, ribbon, stamps, paper, or dies? What is the best way to use containers for crafting or scrapbooking? Let’s organize your craft/hobby room to increase your productivity in doing what you love to do. Shannon & Kim have fun ways to use containers to keep you crafting and happy.

Before & After.

“When I feel out of control and can’t seem to figure out where to begin organizing, I call you. It seems so overwhelming to me and frustrating. But then, you show up. We create a plan and then we start. Soon my mood is changing and I’m seeing results. I can finally, breathe.”

Maggie, a long time client, uses our once a month check in and/or organizing service.

We assist clients with clutter and help redefine their relationship with their possessions using simple organizing solutions. We want you to be happy with what you donate, throw away and what you KEEP!

Keep organizing!

Contact us when you need a more hands-on approach to organizing or decluttering.

SK can organize WITH you or FOR you!

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Do it now! Email us for a 30-minute free consultation by phone or in person: info@SKsimplesolutions.com

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