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How do I Collect Thee?

Let me Guage the Ways.

Trains. Most of us have ridden one, climbed on one or played with them as a youngster.

Who doesn’t know Thomas the Tank Engine? He and his fellow trains and the wooden track has brought collecting trains up to the front of the collectibles’


One of our family hobbies is to plan a train ride as a destination and a part of our vacation. We have been successful and have enjoyed watching our kids grow up on trains all around the country.

Usually, a collector compiles a certain size or guage of train. These are the 5 most popular sizes collected: HO scale or G, O, N, or S. Visit a train store and talk with the local train enthusiasts to determine which size train gauge would be best for you.

HO Gauge Train Display

Our family has collected trains for many years. On each family vacation we made sure that it included a train ride or a visit to a train museum.

My boys were in Boy Scouts and there was a badge for trains. I enjoyed the train rides and collecting cabooses. Of course, we had Thomas the Tank Engine!

And in our area we have a local train museum where Thomas the Tank Engine is available for theme train rides. We did the Thanksgiving Thomas train ride. In addition, we had a train that went around the Christmas tree.

Then there were the train sets that the kids could build and play with. Such fun.

Mini chairs, Mini furniture, Mini homes, the list goes on and on. If it's a mini someone is collecting them for building scenes or just to display.

There are hobbies that need miniature furniture, signs, houses, and people. The construction of a train layout for the HO series train needs trees, buildings and people. The collectible mini chairs can be displayed as themselves or used in another hobby you have. There are plenty of chair enthusiasts who make their own mini furnishings. A dedicated workshop for building mini chairs or furniture would help organize your hobby work.

Miniature Designers Chair vol.3 All 9 types set Design Interior Collection #2

This set of mini chairs set sells for $228 on eBay. Awesome! There is a collectible item for everyone if you just look closely at what is around you.

SK Simple Solutions is here. Shannon & Kim can assist you in any reorganizing project you have. Contact us. That includes displaying your collections.

We have a service for that! We assess your collectibles and available areas for display. We compile suggestions and designs to fit your collection in your home. This is done for a project fee of $75. Then if you want us to help display it we can schedule a project session to complete the display. See our website for session prices. (https://www.sksimplesolutions.com/)





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