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How Do I Display, Inventory, Pack & Store My Seasonal Decorations? (DIPS)

I organize my traditions by home décor, kitchen towels, bathroom décor, food, baking, and family involvement. My towels and linens are organized in the linen closet by seasons, then event. I enjoy the change of seasons and I enjoy changing bits of home décor.

Display, Inventory, Pack & Store (DIPS)

When September rolls around I change the bathroom, kitchen towels, soap, and décor for “fall.” Fall includes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Daylight savings, leaves changing colors etc. I hang a new shower curtain, bath and hand towels, soap dispenser, dinner napkins, tablecloths etc. Finally, I place various decorations placed around the home. Such as, pumpkin salt and pepper shakers, turkey candles, ceramic pumpkins, etc.

I also have a photo that changes in one of my bathrooms. It is a photo of the Malibu Fire Owl. When the fires overtook the area two years ago a local newspaper photographer snapped a photo of the owl on the sand. So, in the fall the Malibu Owl graces my wall and the rest of the year a photo of flowers taken by my father.

These photos are now apart of a tradition. Please read my previous blog on Traditions. What are some of your traditions? I look at the picture of flowers that my father shot and think of him. The Malibu Owl reminds me of how animals persevere in nature. These photos honor them.

So, we are in the month of December and the Malibu Owl retains its position on the wall through December. The owl, leaves, orange & brown, pumpkin soap dispenser, & the fall wreath have given way to Christmas décor. As I decorate my home I go to the linen closet and the Christmas napkins, towels, soap dispensers etc. are right on top of the pile!

The Christmas tubs are red and green. Each year I survey my collection, is there anything there that doesn't spark an interest? Useful? And then I try to follow my own advice of “1 in & 1 out.”

In November I revealed the SK Simple Solutions’ DIPS strategy, Display, Inventory, Pack & Store. This strategy can be applied to all collectibles, home décor, tools, seasonal decorations. Let’s start with Display decorations and Inventory seasonal decorations.

SK Simple Solutions' DIPS strategy

Display, Inventory, Pack & Store (DIPS)

1. Display decorations

If I could, I would change my furniture by the season! But I can’t so I won’t! Instead I change my treasured decorations, towels, shower curtains, bath rugs, and kitchen towels. I also include candle and books in my displays. I am a retired teacher and have many children’s books. I add seasonal books to various bookshelves or areas with other decorations.

  • Show off your collections in all rooms, hallways, and bathrooms.

  • Keep it festive!

  • Engage your kids in these traditions. Let them decide where to put décor.

  • Set aside some of the decorations that are for “the kids.”

  • They can decide where to display their treasures.

Display, Inventory, Pack & Store

2. Inventory your decorations

Inventory the season at hand. At the end of the year you will have inventoried every season/holiday.

The spark factors.

  • When you take the décor out of the container and hold it in your hand does it spark a smile or blah! A smile or an humph!

  • If Blah! or humph these are signals that it is time to retire that decoration. It is hard to let go of seasonal decorations especially if it is a gift.

  • However, you can still honor the sentiment of the gift giver while giving it away.

Place unused or sparkless décor into a giveaway bag immediately!

Take bag to garage or hall closet.

--is there a spark?

SK Simple Solutions' DIPS strategy

Display, Inventory, Pack & Store

  • Yes spark, pack it & store it!

  • No spark, retire it!

  • Welcome the new holiday/season.

  • Inventory

  • Display

  • Repeat

After this holiday season we can get back to DIPS and finish with P-packing and S-Storage. Organizing and decluttering takes time and energy. Start with the current holiday. When the next event/holiday comes around you take your décor out, inventory for the spark factor, display your collectibles, then pack and store them for next year.

Seasonal events & holidays to display, inventory, then pack & store. (DIPS)

Organize and inventory your seasonal decorations.

Display, Inventory, Pack & Store (DIPS)

There is no pressure to organize everything you have right now. Small, measurable steps. Organizing by holiday/event is measurable because there is a finite amount of decorations and holidays.

By the end of the year, you will have displayed, inventoried, packed carefully, and stored decorations for the entire calendar of events & holidays for easy access when it is time to display them again.


SK Out! Have a great week! Be Happy!

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