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How Do You Organize Your Traditions?

Traditions! Traditions.

As I was researching the holidays, I ran into the same word repeatedly, traditions. The second most tradition reference was, Fiddler on the Roof! When Tevia sings “Traditions.” I do the same when I hear that word, I start to hear the song. “Traditions! Tradition.”

Because Traditions Matter

  • Traditions reminder us what is important; family and relationships.

  • Traditions form cultures and society.

  • Traditions reinforce a structure and sense of belonging.

  • Traditions reflect values, faith, education, language, customs etc.

  • Traditions emphasize gratitude.

  • Traditions are our history, family, country, faith, freedom.

  • Traditions reveal country origin, heroes, lore.

  • Traditions in the USA are unique.

  • Traditions in the USA involve the entire world. We, as Americans, are truly blessed.

In November I wrote about the traditions of gift giving, The 5Ws of Gift Giving. This is a country wide tradition. Societal values and traditions reflect the country’s beginning into present day. Values are not stagnant. As humans we learn, adapt, evolve, reflect, and grow. Values evolve with us and reinforce what is good in people. Traditions too, evolve and reflect growth in compassion and equality. The United States is not stagnant. We can correct past mistakes and advance to a stronger fairer society.

Because traditions matter.

Traditions allow us to

  • Live life with purpose

  • Live with integrity

  • Live as an ethical link to society

  • Live with personal and familial responsibility

Wow! There is a lot riding on these traditions. Since they are such a huge part of our lives it makes sense that our yearly calendar is full of traditions.

What do these mean to you?

  • Memorial Day

1st day of summer or Remembering those who died

  • Labor Day

Celebration of labor unions or Last weekend of summer

  • Flag Day

I'm not sure what it is or Display the flag with pride

  • Grandparents Day

Honor our grandparents or Hallmark card day

Yes, some of our celebrations have been diluted. Perhaps these events have lost some original meaning, but as Americans we can do both.

We honor traditional celebrations with a variation of originality and a splash of individuality.

Because traditions matter.

That is to say that our country’s traditions involve all cultures of the world and we put a bit of different cultures into our own.

The truth is that the United States is our country. Our traditions are important, and we cannot become complacent toward them. They unite us and teach social justice.

We reduce complacency by celebrating our values, traditions, and history. Societal traditions are ever changing. That is a good thing. We want our traditions to include everyone and help us advance toward a more compassionate and tolerant society.

Because traditions matter!


SK Out! Have a great week! Be Happy!

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