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How do you Trick or Treat?

Eat, Drink and be scary!

Halloween is so much fun! From making desserts, costumes, drinks, haunted houses, Dia De Los Muertos art, games, or singing scary songs, the month of October is full of tasty treats, crafts, and art.

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Halloween joke of the day: Well, I would make a skeleton joke, but you wouldn’t find it very humerus.

Devil Delicious Donuts

Pick up donuts with icing. Use licorice, candy corn, Red Hots, edible googly eyes and let the kids decorate their own dastardly donut!

Simple and fun. Parents, serve with pumpkin spiced coffee.

Halloween Art

Go to howtodrawforkids.com

A very fun website that shows how to draw almost anything! How To Draw For Kids.

The site is run by Aram, an artist who has been teaching kids how to draw for many years. Visit his site for more information.

Halloween Gift Tags Halloween Greeting Card Halloween Gift Tags

These adorable Halloween cards are available for purchase on our ETSY shop. www.etsy.com/PaprHeARTs & handmade by Kim & me, Shannon. Enjoy ALL Halloween and fall cards are on clearance sale 50% off.

Fall Gift Tags Halloween Greeting Card Candy Corn Card

Have a great Halloween, fall, and Thanksgiving season! season! Quick, grab your broomstick so we can make a clean getaway!

PaprHeARTs is a subsidiary of SK Simple Solutions.

Creative Director Kim Bordelon

Assistant Shannon McCarthy

We are SK, Shannon & Kim, and creating organizing solutions for a simpler life is our passion. Let’s reuse

your bins and baskets into a stylish display that organizes our home office, vital documents, and bills!

Book a session! (3 hours) info@SKsimplesolutions.com; https://www.sksimplesolutions.com/contact


The long-term solution for paper clutter is to stop it before it enters the home.

Long-term Clutter Strategies for paper clutter.

§ Separate paper into sentimental, scrapbooking, bills, etc.

§ File documents with intentional labeling

§ Go Green! Paperless statements, bills,

§ Shred private documents

§ Keep a shredder near the kitchen command center (mini shredders!)

Keep organizing! Contact us when you need a more hands-on approach to organizing your paper pet container.

SK can organize WITH you or FOR you!

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