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How to Display a Collection of Collectibles?

What do you collect?

That is what it is about, a smile, a memory, a pause as you walk by your collection. Here’s a way you can do just that. Organize your collectibles using these 4 factors:

  1. The Dust Factor

  2. The Display Factor

  3. The Lighting Factor

  4. The Content Factor

The Dust factor: What will reduce cleaning and dusting?

Consider dust when deciding the best way to display your treasures. Dusting is a tedious and unrelenting chore. An enclosed case of any kind can reduce cleaning and dusting. If our collectibles are organized, clean, and chore free it will bring that smile back to your face! Many display cases, shadow boxes, glass top coffee tables can house collections concisely and dust free.

The Display Factor: How to display efficiently. There is an abundance of stores that specialize in glass cases, shadow boxes, glass boxes, enclosed glass top coffee table, antique case, or shot glass display case Scour garage sales for vintage display cases. . Use a fishbowl for action figures. Slim wall shelves for vinyl records, dinosaurs, or a book collection. Or a wooden box display case with drawers to interact with the collection.

The Light Factor: Lighted or not lighted that is the question. There are enclosed bookshelves or display cases that can be wired for light. This could be for an extensive or delicate collection. The added touch of lights increases the elegance factor. Consider displaying art with track lights.

The Content Factor: How much of your collection to exhibit? Put part of the collection in storage and place featured items out for display. Retire a collection and let it go to someone else who could enjoy it.Change the location and design of display. Try placing your collection in an off room or a hard to decorate space Paint a peg board and then hang vintage tools or kitchen gadgets on it.

Our collectibles mean something to us. Let’s share and display them proudly. Our treasures define our passions and history. Let your passions come alive in memorable displays!

How to Display Your Collectibles?

We have a service for that! We assess your collectibles and available areas for display. We compile suggestions and designs to fit your collection in your home. This is done for a project fee of $75. Then if you want us to help display it we can schedule a project session to complete the display. See our website for session prices. (https://www.sksimplesolutions.com/)

SK Out! Have a great week! Be Happy!

Contact us to help you sort, inventory, donate, or retire your collections.

Our process is hands-on, collaborative, and stress-reducing. We strive to increase your self-confidence to organize your collectibles and much more.

We can organize FOR you or WITH you.


Not sure if you need a personal organizer? Contact us, give us a try, and see why our other clients have so much confidence in us!

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