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How to Organize Successfully!

The SK Simple Solutions team of Shannon McCarthy and Kim Bordelon aim to assist clients through various life events that cause chaos and clutter. It might be a one-time occurrence or an ongoing situation. Our Before & Afters are not just photos, we follow up with our clients to praise maintenance of their accomplishment and provide extra services as needed. Sometimes an adjustment to the tools or clutter behavior is all it takes.

Ultimately, our success is expressed by our clients feeling comfortable about the process and maintaining their long-term goals of re-configuring specific physical locations of their home or workspace.

Here’s a sampling of what we have done with some of our clients.

Dina's home classroom Total Sessions 4

Problem: COVID happened. So Dina began teaching her TK & Kindergartners on Zoom. Her classroom was shut down quickly and materials, supplies, readers, calendar prompts and more headed home. Her home office/classroom fluctuated between organized chaos and piles of papers, reports, props, homework packets and more. Dina excelled in her ability to still provide fun, novel experiences, and reading groups. Her kids flourished! Hats off to all teachers zooming or teaming last year!

2nd Problem. The difficulty was to file/put away all school papers, materials, and teaching tools each week and then again at the end of the month.

Solution: No one likes to “take it all out of the closet” and then sort through it, but this circumstance demanded that step. We plowed through the piles of paper and sorted by month/theme. Immediately these segregated piles were brought to the garage where Dina keeps her school tubs. These tubs are organized by month and teaching themes.

While in the garage we condensed supplies and teaching tools into their appropriate tubs, and removed unwanted items to the trash or donation pile. It wasn't intended that we would reorganize her school section in the garage but it directly affected Dina's ability to keep the home classroom functioning smoothly. So that is what we did. Sometimes organizing takes you on journeys that you didn't know you needed to take! Her garage and home teaching office looked great!!

The following 2 sessions involved filing the reaming school papers. It was hard and Dina at one point almost called me to cancel our session! But she didn't and we plowed on. I found it exhilarating to help Dina sort, file, plan, and make her home look like her home and not a classroom. Dina just thinks I'm crazy.

Comment: Storage for teachers tends to be an ongoing issue. Using space saving and unique storage locations in the home classroom is a must. Definitely a time to be creative! Hopefully everyone will be back in the classrooms next year!

Follow Up: Dina has done a great job of keeping supplies in their place in the cupboards. I generally “touch it up” by cleaning up the space and doing some filing for Dina. And when the new school year starts we will continue organizing her classroom and welcome students back into the room!

In addition, after the 4th session, after I left, she continued on and completely cleared her classroom back into a room. It looked awesome!

"Shannon was amazing! She turned my overwhelming clutter into a more visible inventory of supplies. She listened, organized, and streamlined all my "stuff." Shannon is professional, talented I know she had fun cleaning up my giant mess. Thank You!"
Dina Kindergarten Teacher

The SK Simple Solutions Way!

  • · We offer a free 30-minute organizing consultation.

  • · We listen without judgement to the strategies you have tried.

  • · Plan sessions to declutter & organize your space.

  • · Implement the plan using SK Simple Solutions.

  • · Follow-Up to answer questions and/or share your success!

We respect our clients who want to de-clutter possessions, their homes, or documents. Our clients want unique, space-saving, and sustainable ideas to maintain their living spaces. We bring our joy of de-cluttering everywhere which is visible in our enthusiasm toward any project!

Keep organizing! Contact us when you need a more hands-on approach to organizing.

SK can organize WITH you or FOR you!

SK Out! Have a great week. Be happy.

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