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"I have too many shoes," said No One, Ever.

As with any collection consideration must be given to how & where to display them. I have written about this SK Simple Solutions’ organizing method many times. DIPS This time the collection is your shoes. Shoes, yes, shoes. But they are an important accent to our outfits and need to be cared for as we do for our other collectibles, toy cars, spoons, magnets, tiles, quilts etc.

Start with deciding how you want to display your shoes. Choose an item of furniture that will display your shoes openly and concisely. Many times, families have lots of shoes. This requires a sturdy, appealing shoe organizer by the entry door and in each of the bedrooms.

There are numerous shoe organizers out there that look great and function even better. (I like At Home, Home Goods, IKEA to name a few.) (I receive no compensation for mentioning these stores.)

Keep your inventory sorted by pairs, then by height, use and most used. You’ve invested a lot in your shoe collection and keeping it in excellent condition is a must.

Remember even if you reorganize your shoes one way it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Evaluate your design at the end of the week. How is it working, or not? Eliminate what doesn’t work and try another way.

Last pack & store shoes with care to keep them in great shape to wear over and over again. Store shoes in a dry, cool room. There are shoe holders for all types of shoes to help the shoes keep their shape. To reduce the chance of odor, choose a shoe organizer that promotes good air circulation.

If you want a unique, space saving and sustainable way to maintain closet & shoes spaces SK Simple Solutions has a specific Closet, Clothes & Shoes service. As our client we can offer practical solutions to match your lifestyle and budget.

All images are courtesy of Amazon.

We are hands-on, enthusiastic, and passionate about decluttering. We bring a joy to our clients about decluttering which is visible in our enthusiasm toward any project! We hope to inspire Simple Organizing Solutions by freeing cluttered spaces and reclaim that joy of entering your closet.

Not sure if you need a personal organizer? Contact us, give us a try, and see why our other clients have so much confidence in us! Visit our website for before/after, testimonials and the services we offer.

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