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It Doesn't Take a Village, Just a Group of Women!

Hey Mom! I Get It Now!

It's taken time to see, my mom, this amazing woman as more than my mom. She is a teacher, a friend, a supporter, a protector, she’s my superhero. As a mom, I understand motherhood and the sacrifices, heartbreaks, joy, and love it takes to raise children.

Growing up testing the waters as girls often do, had its challenges. But the thing that always made a difference was when it came to choices I'd make, I would wonder, what would my mom think, would she respect the choices I’ve made? Would she respect me?

I never wanted to let her down.

I get it now.

When I look back at moments in time I remember what our uncanny physical resemblance to one another caused. People often said, “you look like sisters.” As I was in my teen years, I scrunched my face into a frown, said,


Then, Mom, with the biggest of grins and a little blush would say, " OH thank you..."

Years later, with maturity, I accepted the complement with a small smile for my mom's sake. She is a true beauty and I take pride that people acknowledge that. We look so much alike.

I get it now

We have a different kind of mother daughter relationship. A different bond of friendship I've always admired. But when I needed more than a friend during times of heartache and tragedy my mom was there as my mom. A girl just needs her mom sometimes.

I get it now

She takes charge. I sit and survey the room.

She loves to dance. I love to dance.

She loves the attention. I love less attention.

She speaks her voice out loud. I keep my voice in my head.

She is creative. I'm inspired by her creativity.

Now that I have a daughter of my own and we share the things that make up our relationship ...

I'll always remember what she would tell me that I tell my daughter today.

"I wanted you more than anything and nothing more than you.”

Dear mom, I get it now.


Love your daughter,


SK Out!

Here at SK Simple Solutions we, Shannon McCarthy & Kim Bordelon, support ALL women everywhere. Whether you are a mother or not we are part of an amazing global group of women. It doesn't take a village, it just takes us.

Let's organize our lives, our memories, our collections, our photos.


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