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Keep on Organizing

We are SK Simple Solutions. That’s our mantra! And so, this is what SK Simple Solutions Personal Organizers do! We listen to your organizing goals and divide them into workable sessions.

We take that goal and break it into measurable, visual steps and make it just hard enough to keep you coming back to your original goal. (Listen & Plan) Something worth doing is never easy, but we listen, plan according to your needs, make that idea a reality and leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Your vision is broken down into goals. The goals are divided into organizing sessions.

Getting down to specific goals and outlining a plan is the first step a Personal Organizer takes to start any organizing journey. This is what you can expect when you are expecting a personal organizer.

The SK Simple Solutions Way!

  • We offer a free 30-minute organizing consultation.

  • We listen without judgement to the strategies you have tried.

  • Plan sessions to declutter & organize your space.

  • Implement the plan using SK Simple Solutions.

  • Follow-Up to answer questions and/or share your success!

Another organizing success with 1 of our clients! Sam

Consult/Listen: “My coat closet was a dumping ground for clothes, purses, games etc. even when you open the door, you can’t even see what is in the closet. Most of the time there wasn’t anything even hanging up!"

  • Problem: Inefficient use of space. Floor covered with clothes, purses, games, coats. Shelf empty.

  • Plan/Implement Solutions: Yes, we asked Sam to take everything out! Next coats, purses, or other items not wanted or needed were placed in a donation bag or the trash. Those “bags” headed straight to the garage.The games were stacked on the shelf. The coats hung and the purses hung on a hook that hangs over the door.

  • Comment: This project looked at the closet space in a new way. How to keep access easy while storing all the items in one place? A simple set of hooks for the purses or bags freed up space for other things. Stacking the board games made them visible on top of the shelf.

  • Follow Up: A month later and the closet is still functional and organized.

Keep organizing! Contact us when you need a more hands-on approach to organizing. SK can organize WITH you or FOR you!

Let's Organize! Contact us now! Shannon McCarthy & Kim Bordelon
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Email: info@SKsimplesolutions.com

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