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SK Simple Solutions

Your Personal Organizers ARE, (S) Shannon McCarthy & (K) Kim Bordelon

Home—this is where it all begins. All my “firsts” in organizing were in my home.

Do you remember your first? Where was your first? That feeling of a closet well organized, a pantry where you could see all the food, that is an organizing rush!

"Decluttering your home is a journey to a new way of living and

requires a change in habits and patterns. Maintaining a clutter-free

environment is a lifestyle. It requires daily touch-ups.”

Margaret Sundin-McCann | The Clutter Bee

Just as decluttering is a journey so it has been with the growth of our company. S & K wanted to organize. We developed a plan over time. We knew our mission would be to provide and encourage use of our simple organizing solutions for our clients.

Our strength rests in our ability by listening without judgement to clutter stories, re-purposing personal spaces, and spreading the joy of a simplified life. We founded our company on a passion for organizing and redesigning personal spaces. Our vision is to inspire others to create a truly inviting space and a life free of clutter.

Meet the Team-we are a women founded and women run partnership.

S, Shannon McCarthy

Recently I was with my in-laws organizing their home office documents, you know, investment statements, life insurance, privacy statements, bank statements etc.

Anyway, we were all in the office, yes, wearing masks. My mother-in-law said, “ “All these statements! How do I know what to keep. Thanks so much for taking all this time to do this.”

I said, “I love doing this.” It’s true. Organizing, time management, budgets these are all my gifts.

If I’m sad I organize.

Imagine a burden you have been carrying alone for a long time, dreading to tell the other person. One day you get the courage and tell them. They smile and say, “we’ll do this together.” Instantly the burden is lifted. That relief, feeling, adrenaline rush, whatever it is that is how I react to my gift of organizing. And I love to share my gifts!

K, Kim Bordelon

I’m creative. I know I like crafts, I’m crafty! I enjoy embellishments, stickers, craft paper, ribbons, fancy scissors, you get the picture. And if you read our blog in October, My Journey, you saw how I had to get a hold of my craftiness! So, my venture into organizing comes from the creative side. That’s why we are S & K!

"I need organization so that my projects can be accomplished. I first organize to be functional. Then I process, think, and create ways for the space to be beautiful and peaceful. For me, processing is best done by writing in a journal. Do you remember our Gratitude Blog and the gratitude journal? (If you haven’t read it, go ahead, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!) Even to this day, my PO sends me back to my journal when I’m “stuck.” And that includes all aspects of my life"

"So, my creativity, organizing & journal are my circle of life."

S & K, the Team

S&K-That’s us. That’s your team of personal organizers. It is personal and we take your situation very seriously and with much consideration. Join our journey to declutter the world. We can help!

“Decluttering is infinitely easier when you think of it as deciding what to keep, rather than deciding what to throw away.” Francine Jay

SK out! Have a great week! Be happy!


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