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Location, Location, Location!

What's in Your Office?

Need a home office! Opting to work remotely?

Let’s explore the home and see where we can pitch that desk and chair!

Whether it is a designated room, closet, kitchen, home nooks & crannies, converted shed, the guest room, or the ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit) in the backyard it needs to be efficient and convenient.

The Room.

Do you have a room that you can dedicate to your business? The den, guestroom, basement, or attic? If so, plan the office space carefully since you will spend a lot of time there. Certain types of home businesses require an entire room. A seamstress, tailor, quilter for example may have machines, large tables and inventory that takes space.

Observe the layout of the room and imagine how the arrangement can help get the job done. Diagram the room with the furniture and add your desk, chair, and storage choice. Rearrange the room so your desk has some natural light, out of the doorway, and room to move your chair.

The Closet. Yes, a closet. There are businesses fully dedicated to customizing closets with shelves, drawers, rods, dressers, shoe racks etc. So, it can be with a business closet. The closet office needs shelves, a flat workspace/desk, and room for storage. Paint the walls, match the shelves, use baskets for storage, the possibilities are endless and fun. Perhaps the best part of the business closet is that at the end of the workday you can push the chair in, close the door, and walk away.

The kitchen

Some kitchens have built in desks. Usually with two to three drawers and space for a computer. It is helpful to organize the home in this area. There would be a family calendar, a small bulletin board, white board, list of contacts (doctors, neighbors) and a vertical file for flyers, bills, mail, and to do lists.

Given these parameters it doesn’t work well for a “work from home’ type of employee. The central location of the desk is right in the way of, well, everything!

If your job entails emails, phone calls, a calendar, and product this kitchen office might be enough. Maybe, it’s hard to focus on your business when your kids are sliding on the kitchen floor, banging pots, or running in and out of the house. Even when the kids are older the kitchen still has a lot of distractions. Everyone comes to the kitchen to eat, snack, chat, or take a lap around the house.

Nooks & Crannies

Take a walk through the house and look at it in a new way. Look for nooks and crannies to fill the with a desk, chair, and a picture of the dog. These could be in under used areas of the home that we walk by every day. Is there a short hallway with a nook? There might be room under the stairs. Or your entryway at the front door entryway.

These locations are suitable for a business that sells a service or candles, make up, wooden sculptures, or officiating weddings. The inventory can be stored somewhere else, and the rest of the business can fit snugly in that nook! A small desk, filing cabinet, lamp, and laptop will fit cozily!

Prefab or Converted Sheds

In the work at home trend prefab sheds became all the rave to use as a home office. It’s a DIY project for the whole family. Then when constructed you add your style and personality to the space. Insulate the room for adequate temperature, install a window or glass doors, then bring in furniture that assists the job. A large desk that can accommodate 3 monitors, lamp, laptop, and accessories. Then, get to work!


Additional Dwelling Units are all the rave. Many cities are encouraging homeowners to build them on their lot. The ADUs are fitted with water, electricity, kitchen and used to provide more housing. Especially in California housing is always in high demand. Many homeowners are building them to rent or house their older kids who came back to the nest due to Covid. It’s an interesting idea. For example, the city of Los Angeles has ADU floor plans that will pass all policies and permits required. Check your city for more details and requirements.

We offer an extensive range of services. Learn more what SK can provide for you. Let's make "working from home" a comfortable and enjoyable experience! Let us know if you have any questions or special requests. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients.

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