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Love the Floor You’re With

Something to see on the red carpet this year will be an array of colors on walls and floors.

Many people are still working remotely and yearn for a separate work space from the rest of the house. Even in a shared space there are ways to differentiate your area. Start with the floor.

The floor. Everyone has one but doesn’t know what to do with it. Color isn’t just for the walls anymore! Color can be infused into the floor as well.

Trending flooring such as laminate, vinyl, linoleum, can be a wonderful choice too. These flooring choices mirror wood down to the detail of varying wood grain. These can increase the level of noise from walking, dragging things, falling objects, click clack of puppy paws, or that everlasting sound of the baby throwing their toys! Though I think the floors are easier to take care of and keep clean and a wee bit of baby noise is ok too.

The vinyl, laminate or linoleum plank type is made to look like all sorts of different wood and colors. It is easy to clean and there has been a lot of improvement in making them non slippery. Check your micro-climate to see how bamboo floors do in your area. It is not recommended for areas that have large swings in temperature. But the sustainability of bamboo makes it a popular green choice. The traditional wooden floors are stunning and long lasting.

However, if you can’t remodel, then love the floor you’re with!


Carpet helps deaden sound and keeps you warm in the winter. But carpet holds heat in the summer. If your carpet has seen better days then consider an area rug. Keeping wall colors in mind design your office with an area rug with contrasting colors, intriguing patterns, or a solid color.


Forever resilient it maintains its color and newness. It dulls sound. Tile also can reduce heat in the summer which is quite attractive to the southwestern part of the country.

Finally, add your personal touch to your home office. Add a family photo or postcard of a past vacation.

Sweet accent piece!

Get to work on your DIY projects, business, or crafts. Have Fun!

SK Out!


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