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Mom! There’s Nothing to Eat! Turn Your Refrigerator into the Grab N'Go Lunch Cart!

sk-simple-solutions-your-professional-organizers When kids come home from school, they are hungry. Who in your family doesn’t go to the refrigerator or the cupboards, open them, stare, and then say, “there’s nothing to eat!” Yep, that happens in my house every day. So, let’s help them choose the best healthy snacks and lunch from the refrigerator menu and insert that into their daily school routine.

Last week we talked about the ABCs of the 2020/2021 school year. An established home classroom routine was vital to foster motivation to complete classwork at home, until it is safe to go back to school. Our usual day includes waking up, choosing an outfit, breakfast, make lunch and get to school on time. All of that is the same except the ending, “get to school.” Now their school is just down the hall!

So, now they will take their backpacks, snack and lunch and head to the space they created in our home for their school. Keep a schedule 8:30 start time, 10:00 recess etc. Use a white board or paper to post their daily schedule. I believe that adherence to a schedule will also calm any anxieties about this school year.

It is important to involve them too. Just as we helped plan their outfits for the week so we can do to prepare healthy foods for snacks, lunch and after school. Take out the snacks they may choose from, label and place in containers together. This is their DIY Grab N'Go lunch cart that offers sandwiches, fruit, veggies, chips, drinks, and dessert, all snack worthy choices. Include with the menu a chart demonstrating what a “serving size” looks like.

What is a serving size?

Just as the school outfits were planned each week so can lunch and snacks have its own weekly menu. I’ve seen it done in a small dorm sized refrigerator or in the family refrigerator. Encourage them to help set up the menu for the week.

Use large labels

Use colorful labels

Use clear and/or open container.

Fruits Choose 1,

Drinks-milk or water Choose 1

Veggies Choose 1

Chips or Crackers Choose 1

We are raising them to not always need us, right? We, as parents must train ourselves not to jump in and save or finish it. We let them know that we are their support post when they need it. [1]

SK out. Have a Great Week! Be happy!

[1] Ingela Ratledge Real Simple Jan 2015 How to Raise a DIY Kid.

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