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MOM! Where is my Backpack? The ABCs of the 2020/2021 school year.

Know your ABCs

A Abundant School Supplies

B Backpacks

C Choosing school outfits

MOM! Where is my backpack? How many times have you heard that phrase? Kids use their backpacks that most closely relates to their personalities. Some are minimalists and will only have 1 pencil, 1 notebook, and 1 pen. Others have every possible tool needed for the classroom, paper, calculator, notebooks, books, graph paper etc. Then there are those who carry every paper, flyer, notebook in their backpack for the entire school-year, and that is the only one who cannot find her backpack! So, let’s get shopping! If it is online or in the store choosing new clothes or shoes is always fun!

Mom! I don’t know what to wear. How many times have you heard that phrase or something similar during the school morning routine? Everyone wants to feel independent. Sure, but we still need our kids to get up, dress, eat and leave on time for school (or get to their home-school area.) So, help them reduce clothes stress by using a hanging sweater organizer or an open bookcase. Let them try out both methods.

Label the openings by the days of the week. Not only will they learn the days of the week but may also enjoyed throwing the outfits into the openings (as my daughter did!) The outfits for the week can be pre-selected on Sunday night to cut down on morning procrastination and raised voices.


Even though school will start online or virtually it is wise to establish the school routine of buying school supplies, a backpack, and new outfits! Next create that “school” in your home by discussing with you kids how and where they would like to do their schoolwork. What supplies do they need? Lighting? Encourage your kids to talk to their friends about how they are setting up for the new year.

Encourage yourself, as parents, to collaborate with your friends, the teacher and school to create a positive school learning atmosphere. We can only do so much this year, it isn’t ideal, but we can make it work and keep it positive!

SK out. Have a Great Week! Be Happy!

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