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More of Mom's Favorite Recipes

Baked Orange Pecan French Toast

4 eggs

2/3 cup orange juice

1/3 cup milk

1/4 cup sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla

1/4 tsp ground nutmeg

81/2 thick bread slices

1/4 cup butter or margarine

1/2 chopped pecans

  • Beat together eggs, juice, milk, sugar, vanilla and nutmeg

  • Arrange bread in a single layer

  • Top with egg mixture & Refrigerate for 2 hours

  • Melt butter in a 10x15x2 pan, and arrange bread on top.

  • Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Sprinkle with pecans, and bake 10 minutes more.

Orange syrup 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup butter, 1 cup orange juice

Combine and cook over low heat . Do not boil.

Cool for 10 minutes and serve warm.

Above recipe doubled and makes 20 slices.

Thanksgiving Stuffing

It seems old fashioned now to like stuffing. I love it! I only like it at Thanksgiving but this is the best!

6 Item Holiday Stuffing

1. 1 boxed stuffing mix follow directions (with broth not water)

2. 2 stalks of celery stringed added at the end

3. 1/2 cup golden raisins

4. Breakfast Sausages, 2 cups fully cooked

5. 1/2 cups walnuts chopped added at the end

6. 1 small apple peeled and chopped bite size added at the end


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