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My Hobby or Yours

Do you have a hobby? Does it make you happy, content, and relaxed? However, we work, raise kids, cook, volunteer, and then get up the next morning and do it all again. How many times have you heard, “Take time for yourself? People, mostly women, take on the family life and have a hard time saying no. No to volunteering, no to help with homework, and no to themselves. Yes, husbands and fathers help, I know. Finally, finding that elusive balance between work, life, and down time is frustrating.

What better way to work and life than to pursue a hobby? What is your hobby? Hobbies. It’s our happy place. So many to choose from. Gardening, sewing, crafting, fishing, pottery, making lures. Perhaps collecting stamps, baseball cards, or spoons.

For me, it’s organizing. I’m also a list person. I make a list of things to do. As a bonus I throw in what I can organize if I finish my list. Whether it’s organizing my towels and blankets or the bakery section in my kitchen, this is my most favorite thing to do.

Ready! Let’s organizing our hobbies. There are many containers to control supplies for all sorts of activities.

Crafts, card making, painting, Use what you have a home first. Metal buckets, same size/shape containers or get creative and repurpose your broom.

Convert a closet into your supply room. It can hold shelves for ribbon, beads, stamps, die cut machines, punches, and paper.

To contain the smaller beads, cutouts, stickers, erasers, etc. Use planting pots, buckets, or small boxes. Another great way to have crafts on the go is to use a rolling cart. Then you, and the kids, can craft in the kitchen living room or patio.

Paper. How do I store thee.

Many ways. upright portfolios, binders, colorful cloth boxes, of magazine holders.

Fun, Unique ways to display your craft or hobby!

Take time to enjoy your life. Take your hobbies to a new level. And on the way organize the hobby supplies in a room, closet, garage, or a rolling cart!

Do you have too many craft supplies, garden pots, even pallets?

Try our “Repurpose That” service. Give us your tired wood pile, corks, cookie tins, old dressers, large bottles, potted plants, crumbling chairs or music sheets. Based on your project's vision SK Simple Solutions' Repurpose team will transform your ideas into a completed project. (See website for details and cost)


Try 1 or both of our new services! Storage Wars or Repurpose That and enjoy a 20% discount on those services.


We, Kim & Shannon SK, offer an extensive range of services. Learn more what SK can provide for you. Let us know if you have any questions or special requests. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients.

Book us now! Book an organizing session! (3 hours)


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