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Organize! Organize Everywhere all the Time

Just a slight detour before I head into the house to start organizing.

We have entered the Covid 19 school year. It is whatever it is wherever you are. I am a retired teacher. The teachers in our country would much rather be in the classroom with your children than zooming math and teaming reading lessons. We can truly say that all of us are in the same situation; trouble with daycare, young kids learning virtually, loss of job, technology glitches, no Wi-Fi, frustrations, frustrations, and more frustrations!

Perhaps we can look upon this event as an opportunity to practice patience, compassion, and change. People talk about education and that it needs to change, How? Why not now! Well, let’s really look for new and inventive ways to educate from K all the way to college. And while we are at it, how about new ways to work, commute, food production, coordination, manufacturing logistics, healthcare etc. We can rewrite our societal patterns! Let's do it!


Now, onto the good stuff!

My favorite activity at home is to organize. I’ll go through closets, clothes, cabinets anything. I find it relaxing and calming. I even purposely mess up a drawer to organize later as a reward for getting my other chores done! Some of my friends call me an organizing freak! When I feel out of control and that I have so much to do I look for something to organize or rearrange. Organizing calms me. I can do something I enjoy and can look at the finished product and be proud.

The Covid19 Rona has turned our worlds upside down. It has caused everyone to feel a bit out of control. So, if SK Simple Solutions can help you find peace we want to do so. On our website there is a Contact Us Form for a free 30 minute declutter consultation. Perhaps we can help you remotely with a modified contactless organization session. https://www.sksimplesolutions.com/contact

First, when I look at my house overall, I begin with the kitchen. This is my command center, my area that contains everything I need to run a household. I divide the kitchen into 3 areas pantry, refrigerator, and housewares.

Second, in conjunction with my kitchen command center, is my office. All vital documents, insurance, debts, current and future expenses, college FAFSA requirements, taxes, investments, warranties, and receipts are a part of my command center. If these areas are under control I can then focus on other areas of the house. The laundry room goes with the linens, closets, clothes, and shoes go together. Next hobbies, crafts, and collectibles. Finally, the garage and garden supplies.

That’s my home roadmap. There are times when I cannot keep up with my clutter vision. Life events occur that I have no control over. For example, Covid19.

All my kids moved home in March. So, suddenly there was clothes, furniture, small appliances, bikes and more in their rooms and garage. It was all I could do to hold back and not organize all their stuff! So, I compromised. First, we decided on what would stay in the garage and what would head to their rooms. After the garage we looked at the clothes in their rooms that were there even while they away at college! They decided what to repurpose, keep or donate. Next, concerning their hobbies, books, and toys they could box it up and save it, donate some or all, or squeeze themselves into their room as is. As a side note, it took us 3 months and that included reorganizing the garage!

So, clutter happens.

Whether it is a transitional disorganization event or an accumulation of incidents, clearing clutter and its noise is a calming and worthwhile experience. This why we started our business. SK Simple Solutions

SK Simple Solutions is a neutral party that can help you recognize your clutter noise and learn to repurpose or reconfigure those spaces into calming life rooms. We realize what the full potential of a simplified life can bring. We advocate for universal access to a Professional Organizer team (SK Simple Solutions), a personalized plan to drive your new era of innovation and the productivity to “live simply, live clutter-free!”

SK Out! Have a great week! Be Happy!


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