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Organizing Clutter What the Experts Say

SK Simple Solutions is looking for people who need us.

Who needs us? And what do they need us to do?

We turned to the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO)and their research into the world of organizing. NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) conducted its first Public Survey in April 2016, “Professional Organizers: The Who, What & Why of Organizing. The survey results demonstrated; (Buss, 2016)

  • More than 66% surveyed were familiar with the term, “professional organizer”

  • More than 50% knew that Professional Organizers help people “find things”

  • 78% had never hired a Professional Organizer

  • Of those, 22% would consider hiring one

#1 Factor

The number one factor determining if someone would hire a Professional Organizer or not is, whether their friends or family “saw results” with a Professional Organizer. Wow! So SK Simple Solutions, the S & K, the Shannon & Kim need referrals from you who have hired us! Please share, save, like us & send us a referral!

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The respondents also listed the most disorganized rooms of their house:

  1. Office/den 42%

  2. Kitchen 35%

  3. Laundry Room 33%

  4. Master Bedroom 30%

The most unorganized rooms in the home.

More from the survey:

  • Ages 25-35 were the most likely to hire a Professional Organizer

  • Ages 35-44 are the 2nd group most likely to hire a Professional Organizer

  • 73% of those surveyed, with prior use of a PO, would hire one again.

  • The millennials have reached 75.4 million (2016) which surpasses the Baby Boomers! (Buss, 2016)

SK can offer quite a bit of organizing and decluttering to that group!

These are my takeaways from the survey.

1st Our business thrives on direct client referrals.

Once we have a client and they are happy with the result their friends are more likely to try our services.

So, we need our current clients to refer us to their friends and family. I believe that after our initial free consultation and our delivery of a personalized plan to declutter your living space you will see results after just 1 session with us! Take a moment to read our testimonials.

2nd- “73% of those surveyed, with prior use of a PO, would hire one again.”

It is that 1 stat that makes us confident that we can help you organize a part of your house with success and that you would do it again with us.

Try us! Book now!

3rd All of us will face a moment when we need to move our parents into a different home.

We work closely with a group of excellent Real Estate agents who contact us when these transactions happen. It’s a difficult conversation to have with clients. Your parent(s) needs to move, the house has been in the family for over 40 years etc. It’s full. And let’s be honest your stuff is still at home too.

Have you been back to your parents’ home to go through your high school yearbooks, sports jerseys, and beanie babies? What have you donated, thrown away, or pared down? Everyone thinks it’s easy to go through stuff and get rid of it all. That’s easy to say when it isn’t yours.

  • Why are you keeping this?

  • You don’t need this?

  • You are retired, you don’t need all these clothes.

  • Why do you have 100 pictures of the mountains?

Have you said or heard this before?

How does it make you feel to help your parents pare down, donate, or throw away possessions?

How do you think it makes your parents feel?

Are you overwhelmed? Are your parents overwhelmed?

All involved can become defensive and old family behavior patterns begin emerging. Our clients tell us stories of how sibling rivalry, old habits and patterns emerge again when we are back in the family home. Then, with about 4-5 days before the moving van comes, we get the call.

“Can you come to the house? We can’t get them to get rid of anything.”

We bring our back-up packing tape, boxes and ring the bell.

Thus, begins our distinctive edge in the world of personal organizers.

Not only do we love what we do but we truly enjoy listening to our clients. As boxes are packed, and items donated, thrown away, or purposely packed we learn their story.

Everyone has a story. It is our strength that we listen without opinion and offer no judgement about their possessions. The SK gentle nudge to pare down, donate, throw away, keep, or give it “to their kids” removes the stress associated with moving.

So, we are clipping along now, and the boxes pile high, bags of donated items travel to the car, and anything else thrown away is headed for the trash can.

What's left? What YOU decide to keep!

That’s how we get it done. Contact us now. Book a session or two.

Let’s tackle that craft room whose door you are afraid to open.

Let’s find out, What's in Your Closet?

Let’s plow through the pile of papers in your office and clear that desk.

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SK Out! Have a Great Week! Be Happy!

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