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Pallet Purpose! How Many Ways Can We Pallet?

A few years ago, Kim and I used donated pallets to create all sorts of items for a nonprofit farm; benches, potting table, beverage table, demonstration table.

Pallet Benches

So, Kim and I made planter boxes and benches. Then we enlisted the help of our husbands for some heavy lifting and drill work. They converted the pallets into a beverage table and a demonstration table. I never thought that making a square or rectangular shaped planter box would be so hard. Everything in this blog was made from pallets.

Pallet Planter Box

Farm planter boxes. We constructed square and rectangular planter boxes. It was a challenge to make them straight, supported, and level. In the end I painted and stained the planter boxes.

Pallet Planter Box

Farm demonstration & display table. As you can see the table started with a tough laminate surface. Once it was off the table was reinforced, sanded, and prepped for the tabletop. Joe, my husband, measured, sanded, and positioned the pallet slats to create the tabletop. It turned out to be quite the project.

Pallet Demonstration Table

Farm beverage cooler table. Kim’s husband, Jay, constructed the beverage table. Another project that took time, precision, and tools. He did a great job!

Pallet Cooler Table

Each of us made a potting table. I made one for my husband to use. Kim’s table was constructed for her backyard and parties. Pallets can be used for so many things! Such fun! I learned that measuring accurately was VERY important.

Potting Tables
Other purposeful, pallet projects.
Garden Table


Many, many things you can do with pallets. What have you presupposed? Do you have any before & after pictures? Share with us your creative, repurposing side. Have a great week! SK Out!

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