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Paper Me That!

Are you crafty? Do you scrapbook? Do you make cards? What do these hobbies have in common? They all use paper. So many different types of paper. There are acid free scrapbook and photo album paper, textured, printed, tissue, card stock, cellophane, linen, and other ways that paper can be made.

But how do you store paper? Paper needs to be kept from wrinkling, tearing, fading or getting wet. In addition those vital documents (birth and marriage certificates, grant deeds, wills, even bills and other paper generated instances need a safe spot to reside.

First clear unnecessary paper; recycle magazines, catalogues, newspapers, flyers and coupons. Use a file drawer, accordion file, paper file box to keep monthly bills, yearly expenses, insurance files (car, home)

Or use furniture to store and contain paper. Magazine holders, sturdy paper boxes, clear thin containers, upright scrapbook paper holders, even binders. Use a book shelf or cubby type shelf to store paper with style.

Original vital documents, birth & marriage certificates, Social Security cards, car titles, house deed, taxes, investment year-end statements should be in a fire safe box or suitcase. Also take pics of these documents and store on a Flash drive.

Other ideas to curtail paper clutter; use a digital receipt app, print only a limited amount of photos a year for a photo book, save photos to a Picture Stick, pay bills online, have monthly statements emailed, Keep a mini shredder next to where you process the mail.

Try a digital or physical planner where you can keep track of to do lists, frequent contacts, appointments, up coming bills and anything else in your life that needs to be on a calendar.

So book a session with us and we'll explore different ways to contain, store, and display all sorts of things in your home. We can make it visually pleasing and practical at the same time.

"Clutter wasn’t built in a day," so don't expect to declutter over night! One step at a time!

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